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Showing posts from August 21, 2017

Silly LITTLE BOY, thinks he's a man

(not the parents clearly, bring "CULT"nutters)
Needs to put this child, Jaden Smith.
Over their knee, and spank his bum.
He is so out of control.
As well as being totally stupid.
Or the parents will be out shopping for a coffin.

BF Eclipse Meme

BF Meme of the Day...

The net is closing on exposing, another Babyfart NUTTER

Sebastian Lukács Gorka.  (who I feel is a complete fake.)  Is a deputy assistant to Babyfart. He was born in the UK. But trust me his accent is completely FAKE. Mind you, Trump loves FAKE...................... However, as the Eclipse passes over the USA. I feel that it heralds the end of this moron. So looks like this is his week. TO GO.........