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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Down under for Leo ?

This is 
Margot Robbie 
Aussie actress.
Who some claim is 
Leo DiCaprio's 
latest girlfriend.
Me I don't buy it.
But if she is.....
Not for long.


Anonymous said...

Why can't he just get with Kate Winslet? Are they telling the truth when they say they don't fancy each other? If so, it's a shame...

Anonymous said...

I wish Leo and Kate would live together happily ever after too. T. W.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this girl in a few things and was n't overly impressed. She does resemble the woman that she's playing in Wolf of Wall Street though.

I too would like to see a Dicaprio/Winslet coupling. Failing that, I hope they at least co-star together again. Any chance Christian? R.H.

Christian Dion said...

just leave Leo and Winslet to the Gods htey know what they are dong .....

Anonymous said...

So NY post claim dicaprio visited this girls appartment last week and stayed the night. His people denied it. Guess we'll see as the story only broke today. It'll probably be someone else in the frame when filming ends he is single after all ...

Him and Kate? They're fab. I want them to do whatever they think best to keep the cute thing that they have together going. Mostly, I just hope for more Dicaprio amd Winslet films. JK

Anonymous said...

The story that Leo "stayed over" at this girl's appartment is spreading no matter what his peeps are saying. If true, each of Leo's girlfriends is younger than the one before. He should take care, the older he gets, the worse this will look.
Excellent actor though.

Anonymous said...

the rumours about these two persist. he does like blonds who are a good bit younger than him so she may be his type - for a while. would n't mind him and kate together when they are both older and more settled but only if it would work. it would be depressing if they got together then broke up. P.L.