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Told Ya Sorry I got this right., June 2, 2012
Jiggle bells won't be ringing So super tart Kim Kardashian and her latest beau Divo Kanye West. Are to sell their LA houses and move in together. Hope thay aren't planning to buy a Christmas tree.Unless the silly bitch decides to get pregnant by this loser, for Xmas. 
Well then God Help the World. Posted by at Saturday, June 02, 2012

One to watch in 2013
 This is Cenker Jake Sen. An up and coming actor based in Los Angeles. Who is going to have a wonderful year  in 2013 & beyond.. Today happens to be his birthday. He is a Dear friend,  so I get to call him  "Turkish Delight".

Told YA 007 $1 Billion and climbing....., October 13, 2012 007 Money Bags...... 007 James Bond aka Daniel Craig. Soon to be seen in the latest Bond Epic  "Skyfall" Will earn his bosses more money than ever for a Bond Movie. Which will be good when his agent goes to negotiate his next cheque.
Posted by Christian Dion at Saturday, October 13, 2012

Told Ya The Laws catching up with the CULT

The Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21st Dec 2011)
“LETS START WITH ONE MAJOR PREDICTION. THE WORLD WILL NOT END ON     DECEMBER 21ST 2012. PLAIN AND SIMPLE”. 65. TOM CRUISE. Is in for a rough year on all fronts. Family matters and romantic life is in for a big shake up this year. As well his career taking quite a few hits.One of which will be related to his belief in Scientology. Which itself will be dealt some blows this year.

No Gossip today.....Dec 30th

This is my Mum Christine.  Today Dec 30th, she is 80 years old. (And still the boss ha ha) Happy Birthday Mum,  Have a Great Day  and a  Wonderful Year. Lots a Luv Me xxx

Changes for 2013

Mel B aka Scary Spice   who is a judge on the Australian X Factor. Is to be a new judge on the next season of  UK X Factor. So who's leaving? The one that can't speak English,  Tulsa or whatever her name is.

Is it just me???????

Does this remind anyone else of another  young out of control popstar. Many moons ago. Who also sat young boys on his lap,  in matching outfits. They do say history repeats itself. Let's hope not.

Not far wrong......

This is Paul Huebl Private Investigator. Who claims that he has proof that  Whitney Houston was murdered. He claims she was killed over drug debts. Close, very close........

Told Ya.......Won't last........., October 4, 2011 Silly & sad............. What is Kate Winslet thinking dating  a married man. Who's called Ned Rocknroll. He just happens to be the nephew of  Sir Richard Branson. This isn't going to work.
But she'll marry him........ silly *****. Great actress but looks for love in all the wrong places. SAD............ Posted by at Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Not good.......

Rihanna was spotted out with Chris Brown. Her girlfriend beating ex boyfriend the other day. This is not good news at all. She clearly isn't thinking this one through. Let's pray it's short lived. If not she'll regret it.

Going to pot......

My favourite lesbian Justin Bieber, it appears is getting more & more out of control. Somebody please step in. We want him to see 2014.

Told Ya Another on the way...
Tuesday, July 12, 2011 Broke but still generous........ Here's a pic of birthday girl. Jessica Simpson..... Kissing her birthday pressie from her, Fiance Eric Johnson.  What is it you ask....... It's a $15.000 dollar  Hermes Bag. Yeah that's right  $15.000. Why is this a big deal? Well I think a bag that costs that much is  obscene into today's climate. But more so Eric Johnson is unemployed........... Watch for a baby girl in 2012. + 1........... Posted by at Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Gossip today......

Lots A Luv Christian xxxxxxxxxxxx

Rough times ahead......

It's going to be a really rough year for one "Summer Holiday" loving 60's pop star. As he get swooped up in the  Jimmy Saville Sex scandal. (plus others)

Told Ya Bethenny Frankel to divorce....., July 9, 2012 UCK............. Ex Real Housewife of NY  and I am the next Oprah  Bethenny Frankel's TV Talk Show  " BETHENNY ". Looks set to be syndicated nationwide by Fox. Big mistake,,,,,, It'll flop. Mind you we do have till 2013 before it is imposed on us.
Divorce before Xmas 2012 . Posted by at Monday, July 09, 2012

2013 Ding Dong

In 2013 there will be wedding bells for  Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling. Which is fabulous. On the other hand she needs to change her manager to get her career moving along.

Simon says....

Botox face Simon Cowell  is dating Carmen Electra. Well to be clear in his words. "She isn't my girlfriend, we are people that date" In some circles that would translate as  hooker... Run girl, run........

Just Maybe......

Now that we have survived the predicted  and feared end of the World. Perhaps we turn that fear to care. Worth a try. No?

Told YA Gone.......
Sunday, January 15, 2012
Jesus, not another goal....... American Footballer Tim Tebow. Needs to take care of his public image. It's all well and good thanking " Jesus ". For all those goals and touchdowns etc etc. But when he starts loosing. Then watch the crowds turn. Gone in 2013. Posted by at Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sometimes 2nd is best..

UK 2012 X Factor runner up  Jahmene Douglas  is going to have a fabulous 2013  and a wonderful career.

FROM MTV TO E........

Fifteen minutes of Famer  Pauly D  is jumping ship from  MTV to E!. Home of the Kardashians  how appropriate. Trash to trash. Won't work.

No Bells though......

Country Star Kelly Clarkson  is engaged to  Brandon Blackstock  who is Reba McEntire's stepson. Won't last. So no wedding Bells.

Match made in Heaven ?

DJ Deadmau5  has asked  Tattoo Queen Kat Von D  to marry him. Well she said  " Yes ". Sad it say won't last through 2013.

Ho, Ho HO........

The World's Oldest and craziest self styled Supermodel Janet Dickinson,  has become engaged to Dr Robert Gerner,  a plastic surgeon, surprise surprise. He's clearly old enough to be even her father. Well I suppose it'll save a fortune on treatments. That's if it last a year which it won't.

No Gossip Today

L.A bound...

Actress Renne Zellweger  arriving at LAX with her  "New" beau Mr (fill in the blank). Can't see it working myself. Oh, well maybe it's just a Xmas fling. Balls and all.

As you asked...

So many people have been asking if the  World will end on Dec 21st 2012. N O. Is the answer. The Mayans never said it would. Just their calender ended as far as we know  on that date. Now either they ran out stone to write on. Or they just got fed up. Just maybe we haven't yet found the rest of  what they wrote. What I will say is that hopefully. With all this attention been focused on that date. Maybe, just maybe we will change how we  behave to each other. But I doubt that too.....

Closer and closer Lindsay... Monday, April 9, 2012 Clinky by Xmas....... Here we go again.
Just as you thought that Lindsay Lohan, 
may have gotten her life back on track.
She goes clubbing.
(Which she told the judge, that she no longer did).
Then ends up in a scrap in at 
a  Hollywood nightclub.
This girl just won't learn....... Posted by at Monday, April 09, 2012

Look out LA......

Just when you thought is was safe  to let the kids out,  to do their Christmas shopping  and go see Santa. She's back....... Superslut Paris Hilton  and her  "New" "boyfriend" model?  River Viper. Arrive at LAX. Dear God. Well it's not like this is a real relationship ha ha. Another PR stunt. Oh well, time to go to NY.

Almost there..........
Monday, April 9, 2012 Clinky by Xmas....... Here we go again.
Just as you thought that Lindsay Lohan, 
may have gotten her life back on track.
She goes clubbing.
(Which she told the judge, that she no longer did).
Then ends up in a scrap in at 
a  Hollywood nightclub.
This girl just won't learn....... Posted by at Monday, April 09, 2012

Time to move........

This is  Tamara Ecclestone  sort of a Brit Kardashian. She lives off her Daddy's Formula 1 race wealth. Seems there's going to be another reality show to hit the USA airwaves. Starring her & life. Dear God. Another rich bitch flaunting her lazy life style. In the faces of people trying to survive......... Put her on food stamps. Now that would be a show.
Mind you wait till the drug stuff is exposed.


If this self tweeted pic of Rihanna,  isn't a scream for help I don't know what is. When is a grown up gong to step in. The quicker the better people. Or there will be another Amy Winehouse.

Happy Hannakuh

Wanted....Manager to axe Lindsay Lohan

Whoever manages boyband The Wanted
Needs to pry  Lindsay Lohan  away from other wise,
they'll be wanting a another band member. She's poison and only after the PR. Remember the Beatles?

Out for a stroll with Granny....

Isn't this a lovely pic of backup dancer  Brahim Zaibat. I know you don't really know who he is. Other than by the fact he is Madonna's toyboy..... I really thought  he was being a nice boy and showing his granny around. Oh Well. Looks to me like a doomed relationship.

No Grammy nods for JB.

My favourite Lesbian Justin Bieber. Is all upset that his money machine didn't get nominated for a Grammy this year. Well of course he is... It's called commission. Oh well looks like JB's Xmas pressie won't  be a car this year then. PS Told ya last year that this was the year that LB's career started to fail.

As if..........

As if Lindsay Lohan hasn't enough to deal with. Right wing actor nutjob  Mel Gibson. Is going to reach out to LiLO, to sort her out. Talk about the loonies being in charge of the Asylum. Mind you it could be funny. Please God she changes her cell #

What a wonderful example.......

Arrogant rapper and girlfriend beater. Chris "I don't have to abide by the rules" Brown. Is pictured above in Amsterdam,  having a good time.??? He's about to have such a big fall. Then let's see just how "Cocksure" he is.

Told Ya Another nail in her coffin..
Sunday, October 7, 2012 Not good.... I have a funny feeling that  Lindsay Lohan  is about to fall an almighty fall. This time she won't get away with it either. Posted by at Sunday, October 07, 2012

Hope she got a good prenup.......

Mr Dimples Mario Lopez  got married over the weekend. One hopes that it will last.. Well, it'll last longer than the 1st one. So that's good.

Told Ya William & Kate pregnant......, April 18, 2011The Happy Couple......
So many of you have asked me what I see for the 
Royal Wedding. They will be happy. Within 18 months will be pregnant with a boy.
(and maybe even another) Once Lillibet has celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. She will hand the throne over to William & Kate.
Posted by Christian Dion at Monday, April 18, 2011

Told YA Lindsay Taxman got ya........, August 27, 2010
Midnight rider.......... So within 24 hours of being released from rehab. Lindsay Lohan is seem whizzing around Hollywierd. In her 1am. Doesn't seem to me that she has learned anything. Why does she need to be driving around, at that time of night? Other than to *** ***** Yeah...I agree............  I can't wait for the tax stuff to come out. Posted by at Friday, August 27, 2010

Child stealer ?......

There's trouble brewing in Hollywierd. It involves LeAnn Rimes who is now  dating/married Eddie Cibrian. Who Was Married to Brandi Glanville. With me so far? Good. Brandi & Eddie have children. Well. homewrecker LeAnn keeps tweeting about "HER" children. Which is driving Brandi mental, quite right too. This is going to get very legal, very soon. ps Wait till she gets pregnant next year ...

A picture says it all.

Gordon Ramsey has conned,  er asked  David "Goldenballs"Beckham  to join him in opening a restuarant in London. Oh Dear.. Big flop. Victoria if you see this get the hubby  to tear up the contract NOW. Retirement from soccer soon 2013/14.

Told Ya Hugh Hefner ding dong, maybe ha ha, December 28, 2010 Thank God for the little blue pill. Hugh Hefner 84  is to be married again.
(won't happen) For the third time..... Over the holidays  he got engaged, to his latest girlfriend. Crystal Harris 24. Looks as though  the 60 year age  difference doesn't bother them. Don't you just love the  "Sanctity of marriage". I wonder what the right wing  religious nut jobs think.
But watch for her to re appear in 2012.
Posted by Christian Dion at Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Told Ya More crap from Nth Korea's despot.,0,1067089.story The Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21st Dec 2011)
34. KOREA. On Nov 25th 2010 I predicted that the Tin pot despot would not see Christmas 2011, he obliged with a week to spare.I also said that his successor would be worse. He will, the west needs to keep a very sharp eye on N Korea.

We need to care for more than a DAY.....

Told Ya Britney's on top.........
Thursday, July 1, 2010 Looking Fabulous.......... Have you seen the latest pics of, Britney Spears? She looks fabulous........ I sense a new hit from her very soon. Nice to see her back on the right track. Well done, Brit. 2012 is her year..........  Especially on TV. Posted by Christian Dion at Thursday, July 01, 2010

Told Ya 1st part of NASA anouncement more to come
Monday, August 6, 2012 Space the Autumn. Here's a prediction for you. In the fall/autumn the spacefolks,   will find something.  (TheWhitehouse) Then tell us at Xmas. Information that is not only amazing  and history making. Connected to Mars Rover "The Curiosity" It will be a true once in a lifetime event. Which will really upset the right wing religious nut jobs.
Posted by Christian Dion at Monday, August 06, 2012