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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

About time.......

The family of the late actor 
Michael Clarke Duncan.
Are looking to have Omarosa Manigault investigated, she was his fiance at the time 
of his death.
Seems his money matters were in a strange shape, The family believe she had her hands in the till.
I hope they do, as she needs a taste of 
her own medicine.
A nasty talentless diva bitch.....


Anonymous said...

So she was involved in his mysterious death?? Wow Im actually shocked at this one....no wonder the family has been suspicious.

Anonymous said...

That's terrible. Did she have anything to do with his death?

Anonymous said...

2013 is the year of karma. My sister just lost her court case despite having evidence. I take comfort in knowing the other person's foolishness is on the record. I take the greatest comfort in knowing God the Father sees all and vengeance is his, he will repay. T. W.