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Charge it.Justin goes into the Credit biz

My favourite Lesbian Justin "Spoil Brat" Bieber.
Has gone into the credit/debit card business.
With a company called Spendsmart.
He's been paid $3.5 million,
 to put his mush on the card.
Plus he'll get a bonus.
The card of course is aimed at the 
"tweenie biebers".
This is such a bad move.
It'll back fire very badly.
Someone in his PR team needs a pink slip


Anonymous said…
This is not the right place to comment on RPtaz/KStew but ... after seeing pics of them almost everyday of this week, after seeing lots of pics of the lovebirds at Coachella I have to say that they look more in love that the very Romeo and Juliet. He must be fatally in love with her because he just looks like her doormat. Kristen is clearly the dominant and he has turned into her lap dog. It's pathetic seeing him following her and her gang everywhere, always surrounded by papz but he doesn't seem to care as long as he can be with her. He hasn't got any bit of self esteem.

Christian is there an error margin on your statement about them being a PR stunt? Could it be that he's fatally in love with her so he acts in such a pathetic way because it's hard to believe that he debases in the eyes of everybody only for a PR relationship. Sorry to put this in a Justin B. prediction.

Christian Dion said…
No the KR PR team at full steam ahead with this chhocella thing, I just want Lindsay Lohan to go off with one of them that would be funny.CD
Anonymous said…
I appreciate your answer! So it's still PR and it seems we have a long way to go yet with these two famewhores. Any of them hanging out with Lindsay would be the the icing on the cake, really...

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