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Saturday, July 27, 2013

She's OUT for revenage.........

Usher, had better make sure he has all his business tied up.
His ex is planning a bomb shell expose.....
It's a "REAL" shocker too.
She has the evidence to prove her claims.


Kayla Studavent said...

Ok, Christian there is this blind item going around saying that Tameka (ex wife of Usher) has video of Usher and a compromising position and knows about his affairs with young boys (don't know if this could possibly include Justin Bieber) she has a lot of info and is waiting to expose him. Between the blind item and you posting this warning, it is very clear something is up.

Anonymous said...

Its been rumored for years that he likes men. Lots of sightings in night clubs and he wont allow women near him but men is OK. Plus ever notice that his ex wife was awfully manly looking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian! The Hollywood Street King site has a blind item that reveals all the juicy details. T. W.


Anonymous said...

Christian, if she does indeed reveal a tape is her life in danger? Or will they pay her to cover it up?

Anonymous said...

I really find it hard to believe Usher is bixseual.I think its all lies for revenge. He is famously known for his infidelity.