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Sunday, July 14, 2013

TOld Ya.Halle Berry MARRIED.........big mistake.........


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What an arsehole..........

Over the weekend 
Olivier "Fame Whore"Martinez 
took his current girlfriend 
Halle Berry.
To see his ex girlfriend 
Kyle Minogue's.
World Tour at the 
Hollywood Bowl.
He treated Kylie like crap 
by leaving her as soon as 
she had recovered from 
breast cancer.
He then moves onto Halle Berry.
Halle get rid of him, 
before he finds a richer target.....
Mind you I'm surprised those Queens 
in the audience didn't rip him to bits.
They are fierce........
Anyway Halle hopefully will have seen the light 
by the fall 2012.
She'll probably even get engaged to him, MISTAKE.
But if he's still around mid 2013.
She will give in and marry him.

But divorce will follow......
That'll put an end to him earning cash 
by tipping off the paparazzi where 
he and Halle are going be..
Let's pray he doesn't get her to move to Europe.


Anonymous said...

Wow - another Hollywood lovely marrying and making babies with an unsuitable man (cough, Kate Winslet, cough). I hope both Hally and Kate see the light and get away from these men asap. What chance both these relationships will be over by the end of 2013 CD?

Anonymous said...

CD- Can you comment on the Zimmerman Trayvon case? The verdict just pled not guilty for the killing of that poor boy. I can't believe it and I'm shocked by the verdict. Thanks! xxxxx AD

Anonymous said...

Good point about beautiful, seemingly nice women like Halle and Kate marrying and making babies with dodgy men. Eww. I too wonder, will both these marriages end soon or will they last for a few years yet before imploding spectacularly? Anna

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Do you see these 2 divorcing in 2014? What about Winslet? J.P.