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Well Done young man

"Prison Break" 
Star Wentworth Miller.
Who "OUT"ed himself recently.
Also admitted to having tried to kill himself.
Well, thankfully he didn't.
But he did by telling his story save many lives, 
yet unknown.
What's more the Karma Gods.
Will reward him greatly.


Anonymous said…
I was shocked that he is gay but makes him all the better for being true to himself!! how is he going to be rewarded C.D?
Sam said…
God bless Wentworth both in his career and personal life.

Also,when do you think Leonardo dicaprio will get married ?
Anonymous said…
I am happy his attempt failed. T. W.
Anonymous said…
I see you do not go to blind item gossip sites, Media Take Out, and Bossip. That "rumor" has been around since he was on Prison Break".
Christian Dion said…
I don't read other sites full stop. Also I never mentioned rumour. I am applauding him for his braveness. The Psychic part is that he has helped others yet known.Just to make it clear CD
Anonymous said…
I know he has such a baby face, but the guy is actually like 42. Hardly a young man.
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian! My comment was directed towards the Anonymous reply. I thank you for not talking about rumors because a lot of the other sites I frequent have lost some credibility with me. Only one of them has printed a retraction and apologized. Media Take Out is known for being unreliable but people still go there for crazy photos and they do break credible news time to time. Bossip is very depressing but it is very popular among black people/African Americans. I am truly sorry I did not make myself clear. I stuck both feet in my mouth! T. W.
Anonymous said…
:-) Thank you for your forgiveness. T. W.
Anonymous said…
He seems like a really smart man. I hope his writing and acting all do well. Amazing guy!-kat
Anonymous said…
thank you for the info T.W .....I am admittedly new to looking n watching the gossip sites.....only within the last yr reallly....I never watched Prison Break when it first started and had never heard the rumors...did look after that post though!
Anonymous said…
If you want to see the blind items, Google AGC Main Pages and CDAN. AGC is a collection of blind items from around the internet. It goes back over ten years and is fun to see if you can guess the older ones. Speaking of which, there is an old blind about a woman who could prove an A list singer is not really singing and had the proof. She went to the Entertainment Lawyer (the person who runs CDAN) and apparently some agreement was made. The popular guess was Paula Abdul. Jennifer Lopez came in second. That blind bothered me until last week. It appears it is about Kelly Price and Mariah Carey. Go to the Judiciary Report site to read the articles about this. At least that site is accurate.

If you go to CDAN, use your mobile device to avoid pop-ups and videos. You get news on the site as well. If you read the Daily Mail you can get the answers to the blind items quick. A lot of the blind items get "answered" in the American tabloids, so it makes me wonder. CDAN has been VERY accurate until this year. I do not know if the site is trying to throw people off.

A person known as "VIP Blonde" almost always guesses correct and she is funny! Be warned that celebrities do go onto the site so be careful if you make comments.

Dlisted is good. Media Take Out is good if you need a laugh, but I take their reports with a grain of salt. Radar Online is slow to load and is also owned by the American tabloids. Perez Hilton is not good anymore. If you live in Atlanta you might like Straight From The A.Some people like the Bathroom Wall, Diary of a Hollywood Street King, and Nicole Bitchie sites for gossip. I visit the Street King site and the gossip and blinds are juicy. As I said before, Bossip is extremely popular but can become depressing. Use the tags (Jesus Take The Wheel, What Is Wrong With This Picture, Random Ridiculousness, End of Days).

I hope this helps everyone looking for good gossip sites! T. W.

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