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CD What is Putin up to?....


Please remember what Putin is doing.
Isn't the behaviour of good people of Russia.
Putin's recent bad behaviour, although terrible.
Is a smoke screen of sorts.
He has stolen so many billions of dollars, from the people of Russia.
So they aren't getting the services that they need.
Such as new schools and hospitals.
He has had to create a diversion.
So he is attempting to invade
 the Ukraine and the Crimea.
But he's heading for a fall.
The people of Russia have had enough.
He better watch his back.


Anonymous said…
Thank you! Putin is a psychopath
Anonymous said…
Have there always been this many evil dictator types in the world? What is going on? And will Oscar Pistorius get away with it?
Anonymous said…
CD - a great analysis. You've been on a roll lately!! :) That Putin analysis makes sense. Now that the distraction of the Olympics is over the focus might switch to him and his bad behavior.
T. W. said…
Thank you for giving us the real story. If only the Kartrashians would disappear. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Thank you CD, this was the best explanation I've heard about this. This really makes sense. By stolen money, is it for the Olympics or are we talking about private bank accounts in Swiss? LOL

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