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This is Robert H Richards IV.
He is on of the Du Pont family.
He's filthy rich.
He has just plead 
To RAPING his 3yr old DAUGHTER.
For this he got a sentence of 
Excuse me.....
The good new is.
Karma is a bitch.
She'll have him either,
 DEAD or In JAIL, 
by Xmas.
Hopefully both.


Anonymous said…
It's pretty sad when money can "buy" off the justice system. They are calling for the head of the lame female judge who let him walk. This family is despicable. They are the ones that attempted to over throw the government when FDR was president. Fascist pigs is what they are, but this guy is just a pig. He also molested his son when he was a baby. Sick!!
Anonymous said…
I hope karma works its justice. I'm tired of the guilty walking away looking that the justice system as something that is an inconvience to them, yet the victims are left to stuggle endlessly to put their life together again often without success or support.

T. W. said…
I support the comments. I am too disgusted to comment. T. W.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to hear this CD. What an outrage! Disgusting. What judge - what PERSON - could let this kind of animal off free with no punishment? Has everyone gone nuts? Glad to hear that karma will take over and justice will be served.

Anonymous said…
CD - you have another "told ya" coming. President Obama is getting his "mojo" back for sure - he had over 7 million sign up for health care (more than projected) and said the debate about health care is over - his enemies have no real argument now! I feel his mojo returning! :)
Anonymous said…
Lies upon lies upon lies..will you just open your eyes instead of blindly following a fool. I know MANY people who now have to use this system since He made sure their other insurances were canceled, NONE are happy! Ask people with pre-existing conditions how well they are doing! The two I know of have MS.. and have been denied their Rx because of OBAMACARE! (They had no problem getting their Rx's before!)
Anonymous said…
Actually - everything you wrote is a lie since the Affordable Care Act has not gone active yet - NO ONE could have had anything cancelled yet as NO ONE has gotten a prescription yet from this program. You are just making that up and don't know anyone in that circumstance. There are no pre-existing conditions with the Affordable Care Act - that is the point. People are turned down from traditional insurance all the time because of pre-existing conditions. The Affordable Care Act was designed to HELP those people who were denied insurance from insurance companies. I actually have a job with insurance - like most people - and of course it doesn't affect me or most of this country at all. This is only for people with no jobs/no insurance to help them. Are you saying all these "many people" you know are all freeloaders with no jobs and no insurance?? :) Anyway - you are ridiculous and this is a FUN website - I love CD and his posts and I only mentioned that his PREDICTION about our President was correct! Peace and love! :)
T. W. said…
Just because people signed up does not mean the health care system is fixed. I believe Obama meant well but a lot of people are worse off. T. W.
Anonymous said…
You are wrong and ignorant of the facts. What "lies" are you talking about?? Because he didn't know that Insurance companies would refuse to cover people under the new standards in the law? Grow up people....he didn't know they'd throw people off because of that.

Talk about many of you easily duped lemmings get your sources from blogs, right wing garbage and the biggest sewer pit of all--Fox "news". Do you even UNDERSTAND that Fox news has won a law suit to LIE to their audience (that would be some of you). You have to have ZERO self-respect to even watch them knowing that they have bothered to sue and win a sick law suit like that. Do you also not know that they don't have a media license, but only have one for entertainment and do you also know that Murdoch is under investigation??? Do you further know that the billionaire brothers Koch are the real ones that bank-rolled the so-called Tea Party??

No you likely don't....or at least don't want to know, so don't come in here screaming about how people are "lying" when you "followers" are the ones buying the nutty Reich wing B.S. and spouting it here in a non-political forum for the world to see.

Sorry, T.W. but you are wrong as well. No one said signing up for it will "fix" everything, but it is a damn sight better than it EVER was before. and you are doubly WRONG by claiming many are worse off...who??? The insurance companies??? People like that idiot Papa John (this is the same idiot that gave away a million pizzas to the NFL, but cries over 11 cents to cover healthcare). Wow....just wow ignorant people....either research or be quiet..

T. W. said…
There are people who had private insurance but decided to change policies using the Affordable Care Act. They did so because the insurance premiums increased and they were forced to get cheaper policies or enroll in Medicaid. This is no secret.

L. O., your truth is not necessarily someone else's truth. Insulting people and their intelligence makes you look less credible and people tune you out. I get my news from the newspaper and local news. I do not go out of my way to get news from the Internet. Everyone knows about Rupert Murdoch and Fox News, you don't need to beat a dead horse.

I say again, even if you are 100% correct 100% of the time no one will care because you insult people and their intelligence. We are all friends here and this blog is meant to be fun. If someone wants to believe the sky is green that is their right. Who are we to insult them? T. W.
Anonymous said…
T.W. I don't know where you get your info from, but you are sadly misinformed. The private insurance increased ON IT"S OWN. It was their own decision and THEY decided to kick people out because their policies were crap and they couldn't meet the standard set by the new law known as ACA.

My truth comes from reading about the ACA and what it does and doesn't do, not listening to hysterical right wing screeds with an agenda as they waste billions of dollars trying to illegally repeal a LAW 51+ times. cannot repeal a LAW. This is no longer a bil!!!!!

If you are going to spout off ignorantly about things you don't understand and I make you feel insulted than that is your problem--not mine. You are repeating right wing talking points, lies and propaganda. No one is worse off because of ACA. Be careful which news papers you choose, as some are only masquerading as news (like Fox and the WSJ, for example).

Um if you want to listen to some fool claiming it's truth to think the sky is green that's on you, but I won't listen to such crap and if you read the first comment up there, the damn fool that wrote all all that crap about the ACA did nothing but lie, lie, and lie some more. I don't know about you, but I LIKE paying taxes so people can go to school, because I don't want to live in a country where every one is as ignorant and uneducated as the poster up there claiming everyone else is blind while he stupidly repeats debunked propaganda. The point is, there is a standard or isn't subject to perspective. The sky is blue, trickle down economics are a failure, Republican presidents only help the rich and are very bad for the economy, gravity is a law and it exists, global warming is real and scientists have proven it....there is no debate over those things except for those that choose to live in a fantasy. I choose to deal with reality, not fantasy.


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