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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Not so brave.......

Mr TV Andy Cohen.
Is bringing to a TV screen near you soon.
It's called.
"I Slept With A Celebrity"
Now I like Andy.
He normally gets it just right.
But this is the lowest of the low.
Although it'll be a ratings hit.
PS He needs to take care of his health.
Seems he's not good at listening.
To the Dr/specialists.......


Anonymous said...

Kiss and tell stories make me queasy - famous or not.

Anonymous said...

Andy and Ryan S. are in a race to see who can get more she devils into the inner circles of hell club.

Anonymous said...

Love him too - but he is scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of his new shows. Yikes. People without a conscience.

CD - On another note - can you get a read on this newly released POW in America? The whole thing has exploded and President Obama is too smart to not know what he was doing. Here he rescues a POW and the repubs make it look like a bad thing! Something about this whole mess doesn't smell right to me.

T. W. said...

I don't like Andy Cohen.

As for the POW people are upset because it is alleged he was captured after deserting the military. If that is true, we should have left him. Who wanders away from post in wartime? Not only that, military regulations say soldiers are not to be alone meaning if I am going to use the restroom I need to take someone with me.

Anonymous said...

C.D. can you comment on what is going to happen with the Theresa and Joe and the series when the jail time comes around? Andy is very creative. .