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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Now he'll get really nasty.....

So as President Obama and the rest of the west.
Bring new tougher sanctions against Pres Putin.
He will go completely nuts.
It is going to be very nasty.
Bang, Bang......


Anonymous said...

The day before MH17 came down, my great grandad appeared, still in his WW1 uniform from when he died on the Somme. He told me that he has never blamed the Germans for his death but for my family's sake I needed to look at how Russia started WW1 if I was going to recognise "what's ahead".

CD, since then I have dreaded you making a comment on Putin and in any way confirming the message my great grandad passed on.....I was hoping I could ignore it....but it is so.

Christian Dion said...

Glad you Grandad was able to show you the truth CD

Anonymous said...

Will he be stopped?

T. W. said...

Agreed. Russia is behind this mess. Some say this is the set up for WW3.

Anonymous said...

Where is it going to be nasty?In Ukraine?In all Europe?

Jack said...

Please not another war.

Christian Dion said...

Ukraine to start with CD