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Thursday, September 25, 2014

BOMBS away......

I do hope the powers that be, 
have a good back up plan.
In regard to the bombing of Isis in Syria.
What they are doing is akin.
To poking an hornets nest with a stick.
There is way worse to come.
Outside of Isis..
Outside of Syria...


Anonymous said...

Cd, these predictions are just planting fear. Everyday I wake up wondering if today is the day. I know iii are just one person but there is nothing that can be done? Can you at least tell if there is some kind of ending to them before another group takes over?

Christian Dion said...

That's not the intention, but I have learned you are damned if you do, damned if you don' should read the stuff I don't post Cd

Anonymous said...

Thanks cd. I'm sure its not fun posting doom and gloom.

Anonymous said...

CD - don't stop. For those of us feeling it's approach as well, your posts are a life line. It provide's some sanity for at least I know I'm not going mad when I feel it's approach.

But you said it all when you pointed out these men (and women) don't have souls.

Anonymous said...

You are better than the newspaper, you're like tomorrow's edition. Please don't stop. I catch up with your blog every day. Thank you CD.

T. W. said...

Please don't stop telling the truth.

As for Isis the President announced his plan to bomb them in Syria so now Isis had time to flee. They are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

It's reported today that they plan to attack the metros of U.S and Paris. That's what you meant?

Anonymous said...

TW They were everywhere before. Sickening..isn't it?

Anonymous said...

When is Richard Rawlings coming out of the closet with his partner (with that nasty ass beard) there at his shop. Im sorry you are in public eye this news is no longer private. It's funny how they try to keep that macho up facade.

T. W. said...

Yes. Let us pray …

Anonymous said...

They pray too more than us