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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This Friday.........

This Thursday the Scots vote on Independence.
Either way,
 there will be riots in the streets on Friday.


T. W. said...

Do people hate Camilla that much?

Anonymous said...

chrsitian, -are you trying to give us a clue with the colouring of the word independence? As a kiwi, i do hope the scots vote for independence, this way it may actually help the relationship with England...:-)?

Anonymous said...

As an Irishman (Dubliner), I get no enjoyment from watching this, only a sense of foreboding.

There is a very good article in the Irish Examiner that asks Scots to consider this: "if a friendly neighbour may offer a comparison, one where we learnt a very bitter lesson, Scots should consider how they might have fared had they been in our powerless position the night our tottering banks had to be rescued. Would they prefer to rely, as we had to, on the expensive kindness of strangers or on a relationship, for all its faults, that has stood the test of time?"

We wish only the best for both of you in the UK and Scotland regardless of the outcome.

T. W. said...

As an American I am praying for you. I wish Scotland the best!

Anonymous said...

So it's a no vote then?

Anonymous said...

Result in but no riots in the streets.

Christian Dion said...

Well itsnotthatiwant the riots but the weekend drinking hasn't started yet CD

T. W. said...

So, are they free of Camilla or are they still part of the Commonwealth? And Christian is right. The day is not over.

Off Topic, what are the British Universities like? I hear they are tough!

Anonymous said...

Did'n't think of that. Have you noticed how smug David Cameron looks today? A 45% vote supporting independence is very significant. Westminster has made promises but they rarely keep them. If change does n't come this could get really interesting.

Anonymous said...

There have been, and there will be, espeacilly in Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I saw how smug he looked, the leader of a government that was not voted in. Its not a victory , it is a failure on the government that one country wanted to leave the Union. There is talk of vote rigging today and I have seen a few u tube videos that look very suspect. I am English, and I really wanted us to stay together .. although part of me also wanted to see what happened if they left. Everything will change now ...whether Westminster likes it or not .. we should stand united and strong, but at the same we are individual nations and should be treated as such.