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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Needs to go away ...

Why oh why, 
is stiff as a board co host on DWTS Erin Andrews, still around.
She's useless and boring.
If the next season of DWTS isn't cancelled.
(Strong likelihood it will be)
She needs to go.
After her rolling of the eyes, stunt.
On the last episode of DWTS.
She hopefully will be sacked.


T. W. said...

Can't stand the show. Too gimmicky.

Anonymous said...

All about judges now in dayz and the celebrities... even tho its about celebrities for this particular show. It takes away the essence of what its really all about. American Idol never been a fan of, is more watered down. I call it brady bunch singing. But I like the brady bunch :) . Just not idol. I don't think anyone cares for the people anymore they really don't. Its a few out there who do. Anywho, " light as feather, stiff as a board" -The Craft lol .. u saying that reminded me of the movie :D lol

Anonymous said...

I think this show has gone on too long - just like American Idol.

Maureen said...

I always liked DWTS and enjoyed the bios. It's scripted and manipulated for drama and there has never been a good hostess. To be fair, Erin claimed her reaction was clipped and edited which may be right. Nothing is what it seems with the "reality shows". Being an idealist, I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, seeing as how this is being milked for added drama.

Anonymous said...

Yeah reality makes the person out to be something else. Anything to make a person a villain or otherwise. The benefit of the doubt is good. I look at it from both sides as well