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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Donald " Babayfart" Trump ......

I know I have said before that,
 "BabyFart" won't get to the Whitehouse.
But now that he's #1 in some polls.
Many of you have asked, 
if he'll get to be the leader of the GOP.
Now as much as I wish that would happen, 
it sadly won't.
But I will continue to say he's a danger.
As he is inciting a certain group of  people.
To be honest to me he's as bad as the morons,
 that are in charge of ISIS.
Next they will endorse him...


Anonymous said...

Christian,what can you say about Sienna Miller and Ari Emanuel?

T. W. said...

I didn't know he was that bad.

Thank you for the artwork you use for Trump. It makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

He's bat shit crazy and how do you file bankruptcy multiple times then claim 10 billion. What BS! He's lied and he's exposing himself as a bigot and everything else that is ugly. Let those dirty people expose themselves so America can see what needs to be cleaned out and the real problems.

Anonymous said...

CD----how long with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene carry on their facade? She says she's blissfully happy now! Push posh!

Anonymous said...

Some of the people he is inciting are members of the Tea Party.

Norah Black said...

Ha ha great picture of him. Why is it that Trump doesn't get a real hair piece instead of that ridiculous hairstyle. You'd think with his money he could get a better style? Just curious. I suppose it's his trademark though, now.

Anonymous said...

FYI and OT: CD, your recent kind assistance helped me greatly with my pet bird. I plan on emailing you the details...thought they might be of interest to you, including some remuneration as well for generously sharing your gift of insight with me, and your readers here.
~ Johanna ~