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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Oh Rats ...

So Hollywood in it's wisdom?
Is to remake "A Star is Born".
However unless they cast a complete unknown.
It won't be a hit.


CyndiTx123 said...

Please NOT Beyonce!! I have read somewhere that she is in for the lead….. An Unknown would be so much better!!

Develyn Quinn said...

Unknown is the best way to go refreshing

Frugal and Fabulous said...

Sorry, off topic but kourtney kardashian and justin beiber together? And prince harry and pippa middleton hooking up? Surely those cannot be true, right? Lol it was all over my fb newsfeed and my first thought was , "christian would know the truth!"

Anonymous said...

When will Beyond-say drop off of the planet? She is as old and as tired as her weaves! Despite what her PR people tell her, the masses are tired of her.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays it is too many egos and poor acting ability. Very few stars that light up the screen or stage.

T. W. said...

How many times can you remake a movie? I hear Beyonce is set to star in the film.

jane uk said...

I agree .

Anonymous said...

CD,when you alluded to horrific possibilities via ISIS, I worried about threats to our children, such as this in the news out here this morning in SoCal: "All LAUSD schools closed due to threat made against district" Sending you hugs and prayers for all you do for us, with your gift.