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Friday, December 11, 2015

TOLD YA, Long ago .....

Friday, February 28, 2014

The bitch is at it again.....

I get the strangest feeling.
That Kate " Mother of The Year" Gosselin.
Is up to something.
Even worse that the crap she has pulled in the past.
I get the feeling she's run out of money.
So is planning to use the kids, again.
To refill the bank account.


Anonymous said...

Definitely run out of money and end of her 15mins fame hungry talentless children aren't model material sadly. Back to the old way of life.

T. W. said...

She looks like a bitch.

Anonymous said...

A woman who would use artificial means to birth a litter and then says it's God's will, is mentally ill. But then to use (and abuse) the children as a means to make money is dark sided indeed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, CD
This story make me very sad. And the one below that, and the one below that . . .

For our mental health sake, could you find one redeeming and/or uplifting vision for us this week, and perhaps going forward as well? You don't know how that might carry us through the week. Wait, I am sure that you do. I mean, everyone can't be evil dumbasses, can they?????

Anonymous said...

Bet she's a low rent Kris Jenner

Anonymous said...

I know she's trash but can we not insult the children? They didn't do anything but be born (though, the oldest girl has an AWFUL attitude like her mom).

Carmen Reilly said...

I'm looking forward to CD's predictions...coming out on the 16th???

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for your predictions for next year, it's going to be awesome ^_^

Anonymous said...

Pues parece que en cuanto a la "relaciĆ³n" de Rob Pattinson y FKA, no acaba como dijistes

auntliddy said...

Kate is a dreadful himan who has ruined all those children's lives. And they know it and they are giving to her bigtime!! Payback!! She has always treated the boys badly. She is such a bitch!!

Anonymous said...

Have you all seen her lately? She is barely recognizable. It's obvious she has had plastic surgery, expensive hair extensions, etc. and that is all serious money that should be going to her kids. I totally agree with what you are saying CD. She will always be looking for an angle to make money and stay relevant in Hollywood. There is a reason she has literally been fired from EVERY job she has had since she had that reality show. She can't keep a job so the logical place to look is her kids. I feel for them. I cannot WAIT for your 2016 predictions. Counting the days.

Norah Black said...

I hope the tell all book results in her losing her show. This is just sick.

NicQuerica said...

Bitch. Never liked her. I hope those kids all turn on her!