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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Told Ya, Trump luvs KKK


Friday, September 11, 2015

NO WHITEHOUSE for Babyfart ...

So as Donald "Babyfart" Trump,
 surges in the polls.
He is in real danger of winning the nomination.
(Then some nutjob NRA will then knock him off)
But he won't get the keys to the Whitehouse.
I can't wait till the news,
 re his support to/from the KKK.
Becomes known.


CyndiTx123 said...

Just watching The Trump Show is mind boggling!! Having a family member think that Trump is the answer is sooo crazy too!! So many people believe in his nonsense…… It is so comical !! happy to read that he will not be our next prez…..

Anonymous said...

There are probably so many people working behind the scenes, to dig up dirt on Trump. The KKK connection will definitely not benefit his campaign. Trump has spoke out that Kanye is a nice guy! Same with Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman is supporting Trump's presidential campaign as I type. Not that Dennis or Kanye are people you want to be associated with, but they are both black. This whole presidential campaign is crazy. Never seen anything like it in my life. No wonder television ratings are so high for the debates.

T. W. said...

This presidential election cycle is a sign of the times.

CyndiTx123 said...

True T.W. True!!!!

jane uk said...

Over here many think Bernie Saunders is the most honest and decent. Like are labour leader in uk. He seems to care and want to help poor people.

cecilia bryant said...

Goodness I just read an article that said his father was apart of a KKK riot.


Anonymous said...

The thing is that certain outlets like the NY Daily News are publicizing Trump's support from an ex-KKK member while "forgetting" that Robert Byrd, a long time Democratic senator, was also an ex-KKK member an a leader (Exalted Cyclops..bizarre I know) of his local chapter.

You can't help or prevent who chooses to arbitrarily come out and sing your praises. I wouldn't bet money that Trump actively or even indirectly pursued this kind of endorsement.

Anonymous said...

The article says Fred Trump was arrested during a brawl in a Queens street that involved the Klan. He lived in Queens. It does not say that Fred Trump was part of the Klan or what part he played in the brawl. (Attacking, or defending a neighbor? Brawling?or trying to get home?)

Anonymous said...

my instincts tell me that the powers that be don't like him because he won't go along with the global agenda, that he is aware of some of the machinations behind the scenes that have completely corrupted the American political system. I am not questioning why everyday people may not like him, but instead why very immoral powerful people don't like him (people who don't ever seem to have scruples and just want power). The fact that the machine seems to be against him tells me there could be some good there because the people in control are not serving the people's interests. You don't see any good in his campaign?

Gillis Hills said...

I agree that he won't make it to the Whitehouse, but if he's taken out by a "nutjob", do know that it's the Powers That Be that really decided his fate. The shadow government does not want him in office, and they always get what they want.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't see any good in his campaign. He called down a man because he was fat and, god forbid, on food stamps. He generates hate for Muslims, is calling down Mexico for taking our business, when Mexico didn't make them go to Mexico, our business went there because their labor is cheaper! Does he think we're dumb. Well, yes he does.

John McCain is not a war hero, (where was Donald during the war??).

He generates hate and division, and most of the world, including the Pope and the past president of Mexico, do not approve.


cecilia bryant said...

Anonymous February 29 2016 6:54 pm.

Perhaps you didn't hear about the Civil Rights Case against Fred Trump in 1973. But here you go:

In 1973, the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights Division filed a civil rights suit against the Trump organization charging that it refused to rent to black people. The Urban League had sent black and white testers to apply for apartments in Trump-owned complexes; the whites got the apartments, the blacks didn't. According to court records, four superintendents or rental agents reported that applications sent to the central office for acceptance or rejection were coded by race. A 1979 Village Voice article quoted a rental agent who said Trump instructed him not to rent to black people and to encourage existing black tenants to leave. In 1975, a consent decree described by the head of DOJ’s housing division as "one of the most far-reaching ever negotiated," required Trump to advertise vacancies in minority papers and list vacancies with the Urban League. The Justice Department subsequently complained that continuing "racially discriminatory conduct by Trump agents has occurred with such frequency that it has created a substantial impediment to the full enjoyment of equal opportunity."

There is also an article that states how Donald Trump was also once sued by the Justice Department for not renting to blacks. Coincidence? I don't think so. And how can Donald Trump not know about white supremacists? To me, he's displaying a huge form of ignorance. That's one of the many and terribly sad parts of American history.

T. W. said...

Bernie is a Socialist.

T. W. said...

Unfortunately it is still reality today. Housing discrimination is worse if you have kids.

Anonymous said...

I've always felt since the beginning of his traveling circus that he would get close, but not quite make it -- something's going to throw him off (or someone) almost at the very last moment, feels like -- I've been telling everyone I know that I just feel certain of this.

-- Shep.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry cecilia, but was there supposed to be a part in there that unequivocally links Fred Trump to the KKK or directly states what his actual activities were in said KKK riot? I'm trying to stay on the topic of the article you posted which does not answer either point. Neither does the second post.

Anonymous said...

Why is there so many poor not help in U.S.A?

T. W. said...

We have social service programs but you have to qualify to receive them. A lot of people on welfare live at the poverty level. Having said that, those at the poverty level are better off than people living in third world countries. I count my blessings, as they say.

Not all Veterans get help and the females have a harder time being approved for benefits. Just ask my sister (dwh).

A lot of people scam the system and it hurts the people who truly need it. Some people make more money collecting public money than they would going to work. If you remember, this happened in ancient Rome and they passed a law banning people from quitting their jobs.

The Republicans cut benefits such as MediCaid (Medical Aid) and even if you have it good luck getting it to pay for services such as eye exams. It all depends on what state you live in. Don't come here to North Carolina, you will barely get help. Try Colorado.

Not everyone could afford ObamaCare. If you are healthy you actually save money by having no health insurance. If you have an emergency or need surgery then you have a problem.

In the past, the Church was the social service agency. Now less people are Christian and some that are do not give the tithe (10%). My church helps people but we notice it is the same people over and over again and they know what time the food shipments come in. If you have advice, please give it because I have the director's ear.

Also, we outlawed slavery so who do you get to do the low paying jobs no one else wants? The poor, the uneducated, and the illegals.

I almost forgot to mention ObamaCare weeds out the poor and the weak, meaning we die and this frees up resources.

I know this was long but I wanted to explain things.

I speak health and wealth in Jesus' name over all of us. Be blessed and stay blessed!

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot to mention ObamaCare weeds out the poor and the weak, meaning we die and this frees up resources.

That is NOT TRUE

T. W. said...

There are some clauses that allow for this. It is buried in the thousands of pages.

Anonymous said...

You read the entire thing?

T. W. said...

No. Most of Congress hasn't, but I feel your question is rhetorical. You can read a summary. Also our congressman G K Butterfield came to town to discuss it before it was passed. Many congressmen did not want to pass the Affordable Care Act because of some of the clauses in it.

Even if the clause I mentioned is no longer there, many people cannot afford health insurance and hope they do not have an emergency, a catastrophic illness, or need surgery. Therefore the old and the "weak" are being weeded out.

I personally know people who would love to have insurance but could not qualify for Medical Aid. I personally know one person who came out cheaper paying the fine for not having insurance. That's right world. The U S government fines workers for not having insurance. That money could have gone into a savings account to pay for medical emergencies.