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TOLD YA, He did it ..

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bad ending in sight.......a liitle redneck.

Bobbi Kristina Brown 
daughter of the Late Whitney Houston 
has become engaged to her 
"adopted" brother Nick Gordon.
This is not what her mother would want.
He's all about the money/fame.
If she doesn't rethink this, she'll be seeing her mother quicker that she thinks.


I saw this on the news and immediatley thought of your prediction..hope he gets jail time..also,they found a knife on oj simpson's you think that is the murder weapon? Either way, I believe oj is is this kid
Sarah said…
Yes CD, what about OJs knife....
Anonymous said…
If Nick is indeed guilty, which I sense he is, he deserves to go to jail. I am confident he did not mean to kill her, but his anger and drug-induced aggression got the best of him. A bloody tragedy.
T. W. said…
Did they really find Jimmy Hoffa's body in New Jersey? Is that really the knife used to kill Nicole and Ron? If so, was it planted?

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