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YOU asked so here it is

Christian Dion, Magical, Mysterious, Magnificient

Christine Dion, the best kept secret in Hollywood today. He consults to some of the highest profiled celebrities in the entertainment industry today. But, hold onto your knickers! There is more to this mysterious man than just a handsome face with beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes. Christian also reads for some of the most powerful men and women in the word today. High profiled people consult with him for many different reasons. Some inquire, “Will I win an Oscar this year?” or “Should I sign this multi-million dollar deal?” The list goes on and on.  Most of his high profile clients are referrals from one to another.  His intuition is sought after more than any other psychic today. Join me as we peek inside the private world of Celebrity Psychic and Seer, Christian Dion.
I spoke with Christian while he was taking care of some dogs for friends of a celebrity couple he knows on a beautiful beach in sunny California. Christian’s webcam popped on and I got a glimpse of a rather handsome man with long blonde flowing hair.  His eyes sparkled a stunning blue like the water on the beach where he played with the dogs.  I then got a quick glimpse of a ‘pretty’ face as he turned off his webcam.  I gave him a compliment and he chuckled boyishly.  I could hear Christian playing with the large dogs as they teasingly growled at him with joy.
With his strong British accent and continuous uncanny humor he immediately had me mesmerized.
Christian, tell me just a little bit about yourself!
Christian: I am a Brit and was born in a place called Yorkshire. In America you have states, and in England, we have counties. Yorkshire is the biggest county in England.  It’s where the biggest capital was, York, which has walls that are a thousand years old and is full of history! Being part Celtic and Gaelic, hence the blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin, I’ve been doing this since I was about 5 years old.  So you can imagine how precocious I used to be.  I do readings, radio shows, and television.  It’s all I have ever known really.
Since you have started with your childhood I want you to go back to when you were a little boy. Tell me about your siblings and life growing up.
Christian: I have siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister.  My sister is a Professor at University; she has the gift but denies it.  I have a brother who is a computer expert, he has the gift but rarely uses it, and the other brother is a part of the Airbus design team, he has the gift but doesn’t want anyone to know that he has it, he lives in Germany, and my little brother he is a car expert.  He can just look at your car cold and tell you what is wrong with it!  He uses the gift, but in a different way.
Tell me about your parents, do they have this ability?
Christian: Yes, it goes back yonkers. (yonkers is a U.K slang for ‘many years’) but the funny part is when they first met they didn’t tell each other of their ability because you know, in England, we would say we go to  ‘Spiritualist Church,’ but we called it ‘Spoogy Church’ you know? They had only been married a year and dad used to say, “Hey let’s go to Spoogie Church,’ expecting a crazy reaction, you know, and my mum was like, ‘Hey, ok!’ You see, she had been brought up with it, but my dad’s dad, my grandpa, Abraham, was a physical medium! He used to make the wardrobes walk across the floor to make the kids go to sleep!
What! Can you say that again?
Christian: Yes, he used to make the tables walk around. He was 6 foot 4 inches tall and my grandmother was 4 foot 1 and she was the boss! Anyway, he would move furniture around the room to scare people!  He was a bit of a bugger, really!  Grandma died when I was 1, but I remember I was about 12 when my Grandpa passed so I knew him. Oh, he was a crotchety old soul really. I come from ‘mining stock’ and that is a pretty tough crowd, so you know how they are-
No, Christian I don’t know; tell me a little more about that.  Many of our readers are from various parts of the world and won’t be familiar with the term ‘mining stock’ can you please elaborate for me?
Christian: Well, coal miners, I come from coal mining stock. In England where I come from, that is a tough crowd.  For example, if you’re an entertainer and they like you, they throw their beer bottle at you. If they don’t like you, well, it was empty, you know!  I mean that’s how tough they were.  For me to come there, and to be doing this!
I remember when I was about 5; my father went to see an astrologist named Morris Woodfuff, who later became famous for being Peter Sellers’ astrologist.  My father went to see him in a gallery reading, he was taking questions from the audience.  My father then put up his hand and asked “What about my family?” That was all he said.  Morris said, “You have 2 sons, you’ll have 5 children and the oldest will be a star among stars in Beverly Hills!” Hello, this is a mining village! I thought ‘ah what bullshit’, you know. (Christian begins to chuckle)
Tell us about your readings; do you tell your clients everything you see, or are there times when you would hold something back?
Christian: That is how I like to work, and I get into trouble!  My belief is that it is my job to tell you.  For example, if someone says to you, ‘How’s my marriage?’ Well, first of all, your marriage ain’t shit or you wouldn’t be asking the question! I mean you wouldn’t be asking the question if it is alright!  It’s my job to tell you.
I get haters from those who don’t believe.  If you go to see a psychic and they ask, “What do you want to know?” I also get mail from haters who do believe and they say, “You’re not supposed to be too blunt!” I feel that yes, I have to be blunt.
There are some famous psychics out there who say to the thousands in a gallery audience “Is there a person with a J name?” I then think to myself, ‘Oh for Christ sake, get them off the air!’  You know, it drives me nuts!
So do you believe that everyone has psychic ability?
Christian: The ability is something that you have to learn how to use it.  Nobody taught Picasso how to paint.  He just developed his ability. Thankfully, I was surrounded by family where it was normal.  It wasn’t until I started school that my mum said, “You’ll have to leave that at home.” She was referring to spirit people. “They can’t go to school with you.” I was like ‘Ok,’ I thought everybody had this.  Even today I can’t believe that not everyone can see them!  Well unless they are wearing a frock coat, most people don’t know to see them anyway.  It’s only at certain times. I can be walking down the street with friends, and they will look at me and say, “Oh! They are here!”  And then I reply, “Yes they are here; they just came through the window!”
It’s partly the way I was brought up.  It’s my belief that children are born seeing them.  You can see that they see spirit people, fairies or whatever.  Until they start going to school, we are constantly telling them to shut up, and that drives me nuts! I mean you can look at them and see that they are interacting with someone! I’m like, ‘Listen to what they are saying, and quit telling them to shut up!! They are trying to tell you something.’ The child may say “Auntie Flo is here!” listen to what they say. Then we start de-educated them with logic in school and keep telling them to be quiet; its disgusting what we do to them all the time, that drives me nuts!
I honestly can’t say when I began to see them because I have always remembered seeing them!  You know, the scary part about what I do is that the 10 seconds before we go live on the air, both TV, radio, and even in a gallery setting, is that 10 seconds before we go live or the curtain opens I go completely blank, and it is to teach me a lesson! That is the scariest 10 seconds. I mean, it just goes, because there is no script to what I do! If you’re doing a 2 hour show on a stage, it’s like, here we go! The abilities just go away, they shut it off! It has been removed, just to teach me a lesson. It’s because you can’t get your ego in the way. There’s a difference between being a show person and having confidence. I was taught very early on that it isn’t you, you’re just a vehicle for it.’
After high school, you decided that college wasn’t for you, what did you do next?
Christian: Both Oxford and Cambridge wanted me, and I thought to myself, they can’t  teach me anything  that I need to know and also and I am very dyslexic . I then decided to give it up and join what I call   ‘University of Life’ and let the gift take me forward.  I thought, ‘look if this is what I am supposed to be doing, I better get out and do it.’  It’s not that I wouldn’t have minded going to those colleges, but well, with what I do, I can just tap into the library upstairs, it’s easy.  They can tell you anything that you want to know.
How did you get your start as a professional psychic?
Christian: Well I did readings, just readings!  You know that lady in America, the Avon lady or the Tupperware lady?  Well, I used to do parties.  I would go to people’s houses and do parties.  That just built up and built up and then I was invited on the radio, then the BBC got interested.  That got me to London. Then the client list became, well quite something!  I am very good because I don’t discuss celebrity clients unless they are read on a show and it is public knowledge. I only comment on the public knowledge stuff, or if the person talks about it first.  People say I should write a book, I think I will wait until I am retired!
Are you able to turn it off or does it stay with you all the time?
Christian: NO! I have never been able to turn it off; now, I can turn it down a little bit. It never stops. It’s like a radio or television.  It’s playing around us, even though we are talking.  That’s why I don’t like to go to parties with friends.  I just become a pain in the ass!  For example, it is like if you go to a party and you’re a hairdresser and you’re there with a friend whose hair you cut and you get compliments on your haircutting, people don’t expect you to pull out your shears and start cutting hair! But if you’re like- well with me, there hand goes out.  It’s like you can’t win!  Because if you do it you end up with a line of people, and if you don’t do it you’re labeled a bitch!  I’m like, you just can’t win! So I say, ‘I am not going!’  It’s that simple.  So it is constant.
Contrary to popular belief, I am VERY shy and most people don’t get that. Most people think I am not shy, they don’t get that and they start to bombard me. My friends that know and love me understand. They will say, “No Christian won’t be coming to the party, he is very shy and he doesn’t do crowds. He’s not even good in the supermarket.”  It’s all because you’re just bombarded!  I mean, well, the worse place on earth for me to go is an airport.  It is the most emotional place on the planet.  There are people coming and going, it’s pure emotion and then you add in those that are fearful of flying, it’s worse than a hospital.  So I put the earphones in.  I can never turn it off, down maybe, but not off.  Then it starts to get overwhelming.  It’s like one person in a room of a 10 X 10 space is so bad, but you get 55 people in a room 10 X 10 and it is a bit much.  It’s weird because people who don’t know me say to me, “You’re different, there is something odd about you, something weird.”  I’m like ‘yea, yea right, right okay, whatever.’  I go, ‘yea, yea, I am just wired differently that’s it.’ (Christian is interrupted by his dogs getting ever more playful, and he says, ‘come on stop it, come on now!’) So, yea, I can’t ever turn it off, just down.
When did you decide to come to the Unites States?
Christian: Things started to happen very quickly for me. It went from Radio to Television. I had begun to work with some celebrities in different parts of the world and word traveled fast.  I still had that prediction in my head from the astrologist!  I thought, ‘I’ll show him! I won’t move to the US!  I soon realized I was just being stupid.
Then one day I went, ‘Ok that’s it! I am going to America!’  It actually was triggered by an incident; it was like this day of healing. It’s an event in the west end.  They had this day of healing. So I went along and people would give donations to the healing association. They would give like a few thousand pounds and it was all very good or something like that.  It was like the National Association of Healers.  Then this one time at this church, this man comes up to me and asked me to come and do some healings in Hamstead, which is like the Beverly Hills of London at my church. I said I would, so I it did it for 4 weeks.  On the 1st week there was like 1 person in my line.  There were all these other healers there and then there was me.  Then the next week, there were all these healers standing around, and a line of people to see me. I was like “Oh no.!’  The 4rd week I had that guy standing at the door when I came in.  He stopped me and said, “You can’t heal.”  I had my temper that I had to control a little, I said, “Are you telling me I can’t heal, or are you saying that I can’t heal HERE?”  He said, “Here.”  I looked at him and said, “You know that deal you have in London each year for the healing?’ He replied, “Yes, it earns us thousands of pounds.” I said, “Well I am the silly bugger that earned you the money!” I walked away and went to a pay phone, this was before cell phones, and called my father and said, “Dad, book me on a flight to America. I am leaving, and that is it!”  It had gotten to the point that the people who should be supporting you, start to hate you.  It happens in everything, but its’ like I am not having a go at you, why are you having a go at me?
What happened after you came  to America?
Christian: A friend who had a restaurant here had just gone through some rough patches and I agreed to help him and there wouldn’t be a charge.  He then invited me for a meal at his restaurant and I accepted. It was a Thursday night, which unbeknownst to me was Lesbian night. We go into the restaurant and there are so many beautiful women in there and many faces you would recognize. This beautiful woman comes up to me and my friend introduces us.  I said, “Nice to meet you Jennifer, and by the way, it’s going to be a girl,” in which she dropped her drink; and then I was like, “Oh sorry about that.”  Well, my friend pulls me away and tells me that she didn’t know what I did, so I return to the table and that was that.  Well that was in November. In February I get a phone call from a woman and she says you did a reading for a ‘girlfriend’ of mine at a restaurant. I told her she was wrong because I didn’t do any readings in a restaurant.  She then says “No ,no you were there with what’s his name.” I was like, “Oh, yes I remember.” She said, “What you didn’t know is that that lady had gone that very morning to be artificially inseminated!”  So the lady on the phone informed me that the sex of the baby was a girl and that since that happened she wanted to get her own reading.  I said of course and drove up to Hollywood Hills.  I didn’t’ know this woman’s name, it didn’t register.  So we sat there and I turned on the recorder; she kept on talking about herself.  I politely told her to shut up! I told her it was my job, there is not a script! (I’ll tell you this much she was an actress.)  I told her she was going to win an Emmy.  She says, “No, I am not!” That would be in 6 months. We finally agreed to disagree and that was that. We had gone back and forth for 10 minutes! We became great friends from there. Then there she is at the Emmy Awards and which she gets nominated. Soon I get a phone call.  She was yelling profanity over the phone and I said, “Hey, it’s not my fault you’ve been nominated!”  So there she is at the Emmy’s and she sat with some friends and sitting in front of her is Lucy Lui.  This lady says something and mentions my name.  Lucy spins around and says, “Did he say you’re going to win an Emmy, because if he said you’re going to win, you will win it!”  So then they had become friends and I ended up giving her a reading.  That is the only way someone can get my number by another person who I have worked with.
Do you only do readings for celebrities?
Christian: Oh gosh no!  I have clients all over the world of all backgrounds. While many of my clients are celebrities, I do have others and each is equally important to me.  For some it is a sliding scale fee, if they don’t have a lot of money.  People can contact me through my blog web site.
Have you been approached about doing your own show?
Christian: Well, yes, but I don’t like being boxed in.  Cut me lose!  They don’t quite get that there is no script to it.  It just is.  These psychic shows, one of these guys that is popular on TV, well he would have the people in the gallery  an hour early and they had microphones in there recording their conversations before the show. I mean its all show business, but you don’t have to spoil the gift!  What you don’t see on TV is the misses, you only see the hits!  Well it’s like the shotgun effect isn’t it?  When I was in England I had a show called ‘An Evening In Your Lifetime’ and we did it in the west end which is like Broadway. As you went in you were handed a program and the program had a printed number on it. The computer on stage would randomly pick a number and then you would raise your hand if you had that number.  And I would go to you and say, “Oh Gina, like the 1980’s, you really want to forget them!’  It is the look on their faces that sold the show.
Christian, how did you know that? I mean about the 80’s?  That’s amazing!  Because it is true!
Christian: Yea and you’re lucky you survived it; Spirit was really looking after you then!
You’re a regular every month on Pop Odyssey Radio! How did you meet Stephen Wren?
Christian: I have never met Stephen! What happened was there were 2 producers that came to me and said there is this pop writer person, would you like to meet him?  I said “Sure, I’ll have a cup of coffee.” Well R. Gary Patterson comes in and starts to talk about the 1950’s person. I didn’t know who it was, and I said to him, “Well why you don’t ask Melody?”  He looked at me strangely.  And he said, “How do you know about Melody?”  I responded, “Because it’s what I do.” So from there we became friends and when he started Pop Odyssey Radio he said he wanted to have me on. So that is how I got to be on the Air with Gary and Stephen.
So now you’re a permanent guest on Pop Odyssey, correct? 
Christian: Yes, that is right. On the first Thursday of the month, I do a Hollywood Gossip show. On the gossip show, I go off on tangents. I dish on not just Hollywood but on politicians, too!  It’s a lot of fun!  On the 3rd Thursday, I do a reading show.  So people call into the show and get a reading.
This is the story of Christian Dion. A man that had come across the sea to make his dream come true of a prediction given to his father so many years ago, has made his visions a reality.  Throughout all his adversities he has come out on the top. Bellesprit magazine believes that there are so many wonderful gifts awaiting Christian in the years to come.
Please visit Christian’s Links and listen to him on Pop Odyssey Radio!
Daily Predictions Blog Site:
You can hear Christian on Pop Odyssey Radio every first and third Thursday of the month.  Please visit the Pop Odyssey website for show information.
Coming soon!
Christian will have a surprise starting in May in the Bellesprit Magazine every month!


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Common Sense said…
Magical, mysterious, magnificient! Well, I believe that those of us who follow your blog and post here regularly already knew that! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, CD!
Anonymous said…
Wow that's amazing, I never really knew that much about you, thank you so much for opening up and sharing your story with us CD and your gift :)
Christian Dion said…
Thank you for your kind comments
Don't forget to visit my good friend mag magazine CD
Anonymous said…
Thank you for uploading this interview, it was so interesting. I come to your blog every day :), and one day hope to book a reading! All the very best to you CD
Anonymous said…
Simply... respect. For not staying true with this blessing.
jane uk said…
CD what a interesting family ,and life you have.
Anonymous said…

Thank you for sharing Christian. is lovely & hope to hear you on the radio soon!
Anonymous said…
Annoymous 6:46: You can get a reading, he does an email one 50 dollars for three questions and trust me its worth it. I've been a clinet of his for about two or three years now, and Christian is the real deal, he's honest, funny, and won't sugarcoat anything :)
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed this interview. Thank you for all you do!
T. W. said…
Hi Christian! I love the article! I am so happy you made your dreams come true. The words I have for you are precious and exquisite. Thank you for being you and God bless you always!
T. W. said…
Gary Shandling has died. I am tired of all this death. Too many good people are leaving. Christian, is this a year when everyone I needs to be alert and take extra care of themselves?
NicQuerica said…
Thank you CD! As soon as I'm able I'll book a reading from you. Many blessings to you! :-)
CyndiTx123 said…
Thank you for opening up and showing your fans the personal CD. I truly enjoyed your life stories and you should write a book about your life. I would buy it and of course stand in line to have you sign it too! Well since you do not like crowds and I don't either, I could mail you the book and you sign and mail back :) HA!! thank you for your compassion and helping people out with their problems and uncertainty- cuz you know I have them and you have helped me. We appreciate you and your insight. Thank goodness you had a family that understood while you were growing up. I have watched shows where parents are oblivious to their kids special knowing abilities & try to put them on meds for a nonexistent conditions. So happy to know you and happy to call you "friend" :) Much love and happiness your way and of course many blessings too!! Hugs!!
Anonymous said…
This was great for your fans! We are able to get insight into the man known as Christian Dion. Blessings to you always and know their are many who appreciate and respect your gift!


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