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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I "SEE" yeah right..

Kendall Jenner.
Has been told by 7 Psychics.
 (That's right SEVEN).
That she's a "Psychic".
I know you want to know,
 what I think so here you go.


Anonymous said...

If she is so psychic, why did 7 ppl have to tell her the obvious? Lay off of the coke dear. I'm not talking about the kind you drink.

Anonymous said...

Here's a prediction, they'll try to trademark the word psychic.

T. W. said...

Christian, you are the best!

Anonymous said...

She always looks dead in the eyes to me.

Anonymous said...

Why are they tell her that? Something is up with the family.

Anonymous said...

If she is so psychic, why is her life so aimless and empty? She found seven hustlers who smelled Kash.

Norah Black said...

Oh please......