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Monday, May 30, 2016

She only forgot her Teddy Bear ..

Well it just goes to show.
That even with all that money, 
as well as stylists at hand, 24/7.
You can still manage to go out to dinner.
Looking like an idiot ...


Anonymous said...

Lol! She has Rob Kartrashian and Blaq Chyna to look up to;)

Develyn Quinn said...

I mean if she wants to look that way then she can. Take it you're not a rihanna fan. I will not conform personality wise.

Jane Uk said...


Christian Dion said...

Why if I'm a fan or not..
She looks a mess and she has NO EXCUSE CD

Anonymous said...

Thank you CD! I bet she didn't shower or brush her teeth! She just rolled out of bed.

Develyn Quinn said...

No excuse because it's hollywood or because you know she doesn't care? Does it bug you because she has no reason for why she's wearing it or is there a deeper reason on why she dresses that way? Any rhyme or reason to it?
All love Quinn

Common Sense said...

Oh, hilarious! It really doesn't look good. All she had to do was wear a lovely shawl or maybe a little jacket with some beautiful shoes, and I think she would look much better and get a passing grade from our own Fashion consultant, Christian, Ha Ha!

T. W. said...

She wants the attention.

Anonymous said...

Hey, no bashing silk twill kaftans. I yearn to have a wardrobe full of them. Hers was gorgeous, and her handbag was beautiful. You are just jealous! You know who I am, so beware.

Common Sense said...

Please don't misunderstand, I do agree that it is a beautiful caftan and probably very expensive. It should not be worn, however, with those shoes. It just ruins the look and makes her look unkempt. I do like her hair and the daisies. Just saying...

Anonymous said...

She looks like she walked out of a recovery ward without signing out.

T. W. said...

Thanks for my laugh!

NicQuerica said...

Shoes can make or break an outfit. And these are absolutely the WRONG shoes she's wearing. Ruins the whole look.

Shelly Cain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

*sigh* Everybody's a fashionista these days... Dress to please yourself people. I know she did and it looks fab imho. xo

Shelly said...

Hi, CD people think Rih is the one for Leo DiCaprio what do you think? Do they have something going on?