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Monday, May 30, 2016

Thank you Daddy ...

Lady Charlotte Wellesley 25, 
daughter of Britians' richest man.
The Duke of Wellington.
Over the weekend she married Colombian Alejandro Santo Domingo 39.
It all looks so lovely.
But there's just something about him.
That doesn't ring true.
I'll give it two years.


cecilia bryant said...

Poor girl. She seems so very lovely. I feel he's in it for the money and the prestige. Does he also have connections to drugs?

Anonymous said...

Her posture is rather slumped. I don't mean that deportment-wise, but in body language, she looks caved in, like she's been carrying a huge weight around.

T. W. said...

Where's the beef?

Seriously, the body language is off for sure.

Common Sense said...

Sorry, I do not see anything odd with her posture -- I think it is either the way her dress lays on her body or the photo itself (or a little of both). He is dreamy and she is lovely, too bad it is not going to last.

Develyn Quinn said...

That's a thick dress. Something about her like she married because she loved him but doesn't love herself. But then again I could be wrong

Jane Uk said...

Sorry for her if he not being true to her . Having your heart broke awful. I feel for her and anyone else that get their heart broke. It is true time is a great healer. Jane Uk

Anonymous said...

I think there is something about her too. Maybe that's why they are together.

T. W. said...

Agreed. Look at how the man is posing " look at me, look what I got."