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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We already knew .. ZAC ..

Pretty Boy Zac Efron, actor has finally admitted.
That he and "Girlfriend" Sami  Miro.
Are quits after two years of dating.
(Not that we didnt know that here ha ha)
Odd though, 
as I thought he'd been single all along.
Well, no doubt, his handlers.
Will have a Girlfriend lined up for him.
Lets hope this one can act at least, in public.


CyndiTx123 said...

seriously, he would be so much happier if he would just come out and be himself. He is a handsome young man and he still can have his movie career. I feel if more stars opened up about themselves - be true to themselves- then we would have more happier people around and not fake ones trying to be someone they are not. The fans will still love you no matter what - just don't hurt animals or be ugly to people. :) Hope your Tuesday is going good CD!

T. W. said...

Come out Zac. No one cares about the gaity.

Christian Dion said...

Hi Cyndi
Hope all you and yours are well. Did you ever get a reply from the TV people Cd

Anonymous said...

Are Rob and Twigs next CD ?

Jane UK said...

Poor lad, not much of a life is it?.

CyndiTx123 said...

Good Morning CD,

Nothing yet, But I feel that I got their interest up for you. I am going to write some more today. I would love to see you on a show that compliments your style and flare. People connect to you and your also very funny! Anyway, Hugs & Love CD!! Have an awesome Wednesday also known as Hump Day…. I know right.. hump day? hahaha!

PS. I would would help greatly if all fans of CD write -email to their fav network or show requesting them to check CD's website- It's very simple to do, I have done it. Pray that a good producer will get word and check CD out and see how to get CD a special show that will not hinder CD's openness to promoting self awareness for the people of the world blended with entertainment. I was just thinking the Today Show to have you on…. I am going to send them an email right now. (I watch that show every morning) Just get CD's name out there is a big plus! Love ya CD!! Peace & Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...

CD has never said Zac is dating women for PR. His relatioships were a real ones. So?