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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Future bright ...

Keegan-Michael Key, 
is riding a great wave at the moment.
Well, there are even bigger waves ahead of him.
Taking him to even greater rights.
Now, having said that.
The worries that he's carrying deep down, 
about his future career.
Can be dismissed.
The unsettlement at the moment that he's aware of.
Will pass in his favor.


Anonymous said...

CD - I love this guy - very funny. Was great on Parks and Recreation among other things. I think we need a mid-year list of celebrity predictions... YES I know you do them every day - but we didn't get any on New Years - just a long terrifying list of horror (and God Bless us all I hope most of it was stopped!) - but sometimes we need relief. What's going on with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck anyway? How about the royal family? Where has Oprah gone? You know. Fun stuff. :)

CyndiTx123 said...

We love this guy!! He is Pres Obama's alter ego… that sketch was hilarious!! He was awesome on Fargo too! Thanks for this tid bit on him!!

chris said...

Agree he is a gem of a comedian. What about his comedy partner Peele? He is also very funny and they are so great together. Happy to hear a positive update on someone -- so few and far between. I think people who can make others laugh are such a gift to the world. Like you CD!

Anonymous said...

Good for him, I love Key and Peele.

Original Sarah said...

See now why can't you ever say this about me, CD????

T. W. said...

I had to Google this man. I am pleased with the good news.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading

Common Sense said...

He is great fun to watch when he guests on "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

Jane Uk said...

I don't know who is he is, but i admire you CD for puting this out there. I hope he hears what you are saying. Will make him feel better in life.

Anonymous said...

I am glad, because I find this guy very funny. I enjoy his type of humor. Just seeing him makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

I love this guy! I'm so glad to see something light and happy for once!