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Saturday, June 11, 2016

TOLD YA, Even worse..

Friday, June 10, 2016

LEAVE ......

For those of you that live near, any of the sites.
Of the Euro 2016, football games.
LEAVE now.
It's going to be very sad, as over half a million.
Brit Footie fans swarm on Europe.
They really don't know ow to behave .
Then there's the bloody Isis morons, 
who are planning major attacks.
One or two will not get stopped.


June said...

Well, at least the inauguration ceremony and the first football match were ok! even tho some brits already left their mark in the streets... Christian can you predict what team is going to win the Euro Cup?

Anonymous said...

Vile scenes from Marseilles. It's worth mentioning that the Russian and French 'Ultras' have been extremely antagonistic too. But seeing the boorishness and aggression and fugliness of their lumbering sunburnt beer bellies, I find their idea of patriotism bewildering. I don't know any English people who'd want to be associated with them!

Anonymous said...

that's what they call letting off steam.

Anonymous said...

They having fights already is the other issue in a few days because of the tourist coming.

T. W. said...

I am sorry that poor man got stomped on the head.

Anonymous said...

Now we're threatened with expulsion from the tournament if it happens again. What utter cretins.

Lmo said...

Very sad that sport matches (but clubs , bars too) require this level of protection. I do not think any country can truly protect so many civilians from so many threats for such a sustained period. Apparently the police are very over stretched/burned out etc, it just seems like it is far too much to handle (there is already a lot going on politically making people angry)...really hope there is some miraculous turn for the better soon!