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Thursday, July 7, 2016

One to watch ...

You'll love Melissa.
If you like Jazz you'll love her even more...


T. W. said...

Priced just right. I hope she does well.

Anonymous said...

Love Melissa M, glad to have talent back, music to my ears.

Errin Taylor said...

I love jazz! I'll have to check her out.

Develyn Quinn said...

What can we do? #altonsterling what must we do? How can I do my part?

Anonymous said...

They pulled that video and then put it back up because so many people kept sharing it. And still people blame the victim, like they do in a rape crime. I hope the truth about race and all that is finally comes out to stop us killing each other. It is giving rise and a voice to people who will kill innocent people and call them self the KKK. I guess they are entering into the police force but that is who they have always been but new blood has trues to stir them towards a better direction. As you have to have some order some rules or you have anarchy.