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Thursday, July 7, 2016

TOLD YA, It's all PR, lets see hoe long they run this..


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Too funny for words ...

Assuming that Ciara and her NFL quarterback boyfriend, Russell Wilson.
Are now born again virgins.
(Not sure how that works).
They say they are waiting till marriage, 
before  they have sex.
Well that's not going to happen.
Plus in the not so distant future.
One or both of these two.
Will be exposed for the hypocrites, they are.
PR people PR ...


T. W. said...

May the exposure come quickly.

Anonymous said...

He is good looking and Ciara has good work done. But yeah the word is Russell is gay, but she's getting paid to be a beard.

Anonymous said...

The only love I see here is for the camera. They have as much chemistry as Taylor and Tom.

Anonymous said...

People will now understand, why Hollywood marriages never work, because the majority are not real.

Anonymous said...

The word is the marriage was not consummated. He flew straight to training camp after the nuptials. What is a bride beard to do?

T. W. said...

Thanks for my laugh today!

Anonymous said...

No problem! Just telling you the Ttttttea. He gayer now than he was at NCSU.

T. W. said...

LOL! Just come out Russell!

Common Sense said...

Well, shocked again! Yeah, I remember reading that Ciara was waiting to have sex with her then boyfriend, Russell, until they got married. Hmmmm, why do people have to broadcast this news to the world? Well, I guess if you are in a fake relationship! I don't understand any of this. I would never marry someone just for money. The main reason is it just seems wrong, and two, when you finally meet the ONE, it will never ever be quite as special because you married once before in a fake relationship. I am sick of these fake relationships. Makes you wonder, who is real and who is not?

Anonymous said...

Can you do a reading on JJ Watt. I feel that he is also gay. What do you think? Desperate to know?