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Monday, July 11, 2016

ToLD YA, PM gone Weds ..

Monday, June 13, 2016


I do hope George Osbourne and his neighbor.
Are looking forward to the great fall,
 that is about to beset them.
Well, they have been working hard for it.
So it's well deserved.


T. W. said...

I wonder what this means for England.

chris said...

What do we think of Theresa May? Anyone?

Tony said...

Do you think she will do a good job CD? Things are topsy turvy here in the UK

Anonymous said...

It is in the news that Mrs.May is to become PM on Weds. Looks like it is maybe not Boris this time around....he seems to have gone quiet lately.

Anonymous said...

Women are not going to solve the problem and most of these woman are too cold and masculine to care. UK will not be allowed back to the EU as the EU don't want anymore divisions. UK realize what it is to befall them but are hiding it from the people, this imperialistic way of thinking is their downfall.

Anonymous said...

Here's me thinking boris will be PM!! You and I got that one wrong !'

Christian Dion said...

Ha HA Wrong, give it time he'll still be PM she won't last CD

LA-GB said...

I think Osbourne will be gone by the end of the week, Boris will get a job in Theresa Mays cabinet, she is in place to gel the country back together....but Boris will be well placed for a takeover of the top job when the time is right.....oh crap!! So hope its not true but I think its highly possible.

Anonymous said...

Christian, you are great!

Tony said...

You did say that CD. Like you said he's recharging his batteries. And when it does happen it will be very interesting to see how he fares at number 10. Meanwhile the Labour party is going through quite a bad time

Myles Standoffish said...

It looks like you delve into all things political CD. Could you tell us if Hillary had her emails sent to her personal email account to avoid the Freedom Of Information act down the line?
If so, what is she hiding. . . . . . THIS TIME????

Also, what really went on with Lynch and Bill in the hangar?

All these scandals, here, abroad, everywhere, only goes to show that politicians think we are stupid and powerless. Peaceful demonstrations are a way to speak truth to power.

This is one hell of an election here in the states. We don't deserve the two we are stuck with. They are both up to no good and are not deserving of our vote, in my opinion. As of yet, I don't have a clear choice when next I go to the polls and that weighs very heavily on my mind.
This is all such a farce. It is such a farce that maybe Hillary will actually have herself crowned.

Anonymous said...

Crooked Hillary will win it!

Maria said...

Myles Standoffish said...

^^ Shut up, loon. My God, comparing Hillary to Trump is the stupidest thing ever. Keep your paranoid drama to yourself and stop embarrassing yourself. Stop embarrassing America!

Anonymous said...

Lol!! Would you say he will be as big a cock up as Cameron ???

T. W. said...

Well, she's not Brian May ...

T. W. said...

I will be doing a write in vote.