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TOLD YA. Obama calls out TRUMP

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Obama win for Hilary.

Well Friday certainly a day to remember,
for Pres Obama.
Mind you he kinda had a bumper week.
But when he delivered his Mega Star performance.
He got Hilary even closer to the Whitehouse.

But I did tell you he'd get his Mojo back.
Needs to watch Spring 2016, TROUBLE)


Anonymous said…
Hi Christian,

Do you have a relevant past life for Trump? Just wondering what it possibly could be.


Anonymous said…
But we are in Summer 2016.
Anonymous said…
well, Obama can read a teleprompter really well...but that's about it.
Common Sense said…
Yes, Trump blew it. What he said to those grieving parents was at the height of stupidity and insensitivity. Horrendous.

Yes, CD probably meant Summer or maybe even Fall?
Anonymous said…
Christian, can you tell us why Trump doesn't want to release his tax returns or when they will be eventually released?
Anonymous said…
Chump versus Hitlery enough already. Obama please stay.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I think Trump is deliberately trying to derail his campaign. Either that or he has some sort of mental illness (maybe both). I don't think he actually wants to govern. He just likes winning the big prize.
Anonymous said…
HE does want to govern now he realizes that he could if voted in. He is doing his own thing and going against the plan. And yes he is crazy and that's hereditary, he is also being called out for his lack of vocabulary and grammar. For a man that has been able to afford the best education his standard is low.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 8:27PM can dry up....sounds like jealousy to me.

Rather, I was wondering if Trump's taxes will in fact be leaked and also what the fate of Trump will be AFTER the election if you please, Christian Dion.

Thank you in advance....
T. W. said…
Trump's job is to make Hillary look good. He is a red herring.
Anonymous said…

There are so many people who want Trump though. I know entire communities who will vote for him.

I actually hope that he is doing this for Hillary to win. If not, he is a despicable human being.

Anonymous said…
No, he can also sell out America with really bad non proliferation deals that pay hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran and the release of five terrorists in exchange for a military deserter, really well too.
Anonymous said…
Well I think Trump is a despicable human being, Kay. However, I would like to ask another question of C.D. when he stops by. There is a story out there that has not been getting ANY traction or much media attention. Its about a woman, who has come forward after 20 years with the story that Trump raped and sodomized her (while this other rich guy had her tied up at his mansion). He then threatened the little 13 year old that if she EVER told anyone.....he would ruin her life and kill her family. C.D..... seriously....I really MUST know if this is true ( I think it is) and if he will get karma and this woman get any justice. It's shocking that the rest of the media are obviously too scared to print it because they are afraid of getting sued. I'm pretty sure if this was Bill Clinton they'd nail him to the fact they've already tried it, but Chump...because he's in the Republican party slides by.

Please let us know what you're seeing for this vile human being beyond his presidential aspirations. Please tell me Paul Ryan will LOSE his job too and make my day.


Anonymous said…
TW, he is an orange herring!

Myles Standoffish said…
I guess it's quite all right for Hillary to use strong arm tactics, lying, influence peddling and black mail as her coin of the realm? I mean, the hangar incident is just one example where they were caught red handed. Nothing happened because everyone is in the bag for Hillary, imagine the stuff she gets away with that never sees the light of day.
Mr. Obama is her useful tool at this point. A tool that allows this elite deviant woman to get away with sleazy illegal shit. Shit that other people go to jail for. But not politicians. They just get kicked upstairs, handed the Big job.

She is corrupt, without morals, and generally a POS, in my opinion. I can say this up to the moment she is crowned. And I will say it. It will always be my opinion since I don't wear blinders. I will also be thinking it during her long, insufferable presidency. Will she do me like she did Bill's victims?
She is verbally abusive.
She is physically abusive.
She's backed by big money here, and big money from other governments. She's laundered their "donations" through her foundation.
You can not tell me that anyone else would not have gone to jail for this alone!
Like I said, a total POS, in my opinion.

This whole election is a charade that turns my stomach.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous August 3, at 6:16.

I saw Lisa Bloom on TV yesterday and she briefly mentioned this case. Here is a link for info about rape, but I haven't seen any other mention of this on the news:

T. W. said…
Hi Kay! You are right. A lot of people think the way Trump does.
Sana L said…
Neither of them are fit to be president. Obama, Trump and H. Clinton
They are all alike.
T. W. said…
Thanks for my laugh today!
Maureen said…
Hey CD,

The latest is that Trump may drop out. Can you comment?
Anonymous said…
Miles, you already posted this stuff in a different variation. U boring, man.
Anonymous said…
Piss off Miles, you lackey of the plutocrats
Maria said…
Ditto for Miles to scram. He's boring and a tool and lackey! lol

My heart is leaping with joy listening to news on how people are turning against Trump. I think the best thing I read the past few days was someone who said "the irony of an American Muslim being the one to take Trump down is beautiful poetry." The Khans are the best of America. Real Americans can see this.

I hope Trump gets humiliated and taken down so hard he'll be a pariah in this country after he loses. Let's all unite, all sane Americans, and make this a more harmonious place to live. We have seen the ugly orange face of hate. Let's never go here again.
Anonymous said…
They will get Hillary later in like they did Bill but this time charged. I don't see her in the white house for too long either. Too many skeletons like Trump and most his family like Hillary need plastic surgery. They get a weird look if they don't and their marriages look like business arrangements.
Anonymous said…
Anoymous 8::24AM, you are a crappy "psychic" who will be proven wrong. She does not have skeletons...those are lies manufactured by Karl Rove and the Republican establishment and then trumpeted to the ignorant on Fox news.

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