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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Almost, reincarnation...

Jared Leto, is to Star as Andy Warhol.
Is this going to give the critics a headache.
But the audience and the box office will love it.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Andy was thought of as a lightweight freakazoid in his lifetime, Like Michael Jackson in his love of celebrities. Wonder if this movie will turn out like the Michael Douglas/Matt Damon Liberace movie--big stars, but little respect from the critics because of the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt child abuse allegations, true or not?

T. W. said...

Jared is strange himself. Good luck finding co workers.

Anonymous said...

???? "Behind the Candelabra" got a LOT of critical respect. MD won an Emmy and I think Damon was nominated.

Anonymous said...

I actually bought the Beyond the Candelabra DVD to send to a small town friend who really really wanted to see it. If she had HBO, it would have been On Demand.

Without the director Steven Soderbergh and the HBO juggernaut, will Letos movie get the critical respect it deserves? I think CD is right. Leto is going to be dipping a toe in cold water, even if it is as good as, or better, than Candelabra.

It will be quite some time before it gets to cable and into people's homes, while Candelabra was there at the get go. And HBO could get an Emmy for Early the Squidbilly, if Squidbillies was on HBO. The local critics I read here in Ohio made Candelabra sound like a costume farce of no substance. The national critics were on the HBO train, with the usual HBO glowing reviews.

I hope CD is right about the big box office and people loving it.

Frugal and Fabulous said...

will corey feldman ever find peace? will he make known who his and the other corey's abusers are as their abusers are said to be hollywood stars and directors/still in spotlight...some have speculated ron howard or tom hanks....I hope he finds peace and justice

T. W. said...

Charlie Sheen. Feldman gives clues in his interviews, some of which are on YouTube. Denise Richards has also said he likes child porn.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Corey looks like he is still in pain. Any justice for him or the other Corey? Will these secrets be revealed?

Anonymous said...

Feldman has said that he's due to return to The Today Show in a matter of weeks. That would be an excellent time to say who it was.