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Only takes one pic ....

As Elon Musk carries on his work,
 to take over the World.
(Which he will)
His car business is doing just fine.
But, the space stufff, not so well.
As we know, that kind of business, 
has to work not only first time.
But every time......
Well, Elon, the answer is simple.
Start paying respect to the man,
 who created what you hope to continue.
Mr Tesla.
Just place a pic like this, 
in your office and creative spaces.
You'll be delitgthed with the results.


T. W. said…
I hope he gets this message. Tesla's ideas were amazing.
Anonymous said…
I have to say I loved his Tesla roof announcement last Friday.
CyndiTx123 said…
Good Advice CD!!!! love it!
Anonymous said…
Awww that's a nice told ya! I hope he finds love too, but with five sons he should be fine.
Anonymous said…
Now if you could predict what is going on with Africa, Europe and China too. Maybe it is not greed or wiping out the birth of civilization. I hope not it would be catastrophic.
pretty cool insight! very interesting!
Anonymous said…
Thank you CD! Telsa was an enlightened human being!
Christian Dion said…
Already did here's a couple from 2016 predictions 7
Well, they may find that the internal trauma that is about to befall them in 2016.
Will put an end,to in a small way.
the trouble that they have been trying to stir up outside their borders.
Some good news.
Watch the trouble, to come with the Islands that they are “Building”.
The other trouble bubbling.
Is the near complete, crash of the money market there.

Or should I say Putin.
He’s going to be worse, he’s truly in the middle of major mental issues.
Which I feel will come to a head.
(Pun intended)
In 2016.
Therefore at last bringing his reign of terror close to the end.

Even amongst all this dismal stuff that is ahead of us in 2016
India is going to rise from the ashes to prove herself as a World power.
However her leader needs to take extra care as there are those that are planning a couple of assassination attempts in the coming year.
Won’t be successful.
But will be spectacular.

A totally different story there.
Rumblings within the government plan a take over of sorts.
That will cause many other neighboring countries.
To be very rightfully worried.
I feel that his will lead to various conflicts in 2016/7.

There is going to be a lot of killing in and around Turkey.
So much so that it will make their friends.
Take needed action, to help them.
Russia will also cause more trouble for this country.
Making the already wobbly relationship, very much worse.

If you think the recent UN proposal to get talks going, is going to work.
Think again, it’s going to get way worse.
The idiot in charge has no idea of going quietly, in anyway shape or form.

The government is in for,
a truly rough year.
In fact it’s so bad that if it survives,
it’ll be a miracle.
Even at the cost of it’s leaders.
The troubles that will come from mass demonstrations, along with the terrorist attacks.
Are going to make for a very busy time for
No 10 Downing St.
They will be glad to close the door.

Well these two are going to be even worse with each other,
than they have been in recent years.
It will get to the point that it will come so close to someone nearly pressing that
Other major powers will have to threaten very harsh responses to put a stop to it.

This tinder pot will go Big Bang in 2016/7.
The Taliban has plans for next year that are terrible.
I feel that the drug trade that they deal in,
will bring them even more cash, allowing them to do even worse things.

Just when you thought that this God forsaken place could.t get any worse.
It does in 2016, blood bath of terrifying numbers.
As Isis good completely nuts.
Bringing death and destruction to many including their own.

Anonymous said…
Tesla was bloody handsome wasn't he? If I pin up a picture will I make happen a man who sits there looking at me like that? And he could rewire the house too! What a love-god.

Melic21 said…
wow, i just watched before the flood, well worth a watch as is streaming for free and is the first time i saw elon musk seems a very interesting man doing some great stuff! would love to know how that picture helps?
Anonymous said…
I can't believe I live in a country like Australia, 90% bloody hot desert, and we don't have the desert filled with solar panels!!!!!!!! Instead we are closing down a power station and increasing the price of power.
Anonymous said…
As I'm reading CD's post, news telling me India's economic growth 7.3% & most flourishing economy, a good economy for investing in & Indian leaders in government & business world saying downturn in world it could be doing even better. They see positive relations esp with UK even after Brexit & for world.That all made me know CD's read it again for us. Super! The turmoils of the other countries above I can't express the sadness, shock & regret. We need Help from enlightened ones to show us better ways. I.m going to keep trying to believe there's equal amounts of + &. - as I do believe we came to experience being human. CD, your blog site is unique & tank God for it. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hopefully, by take over the world you mean that Elon will bring positivity.

Putin and Trump are enough and already generated so much negativity. Bullying and mental health crisis numbers have gone up because of Trump's rise.
Maria said…
Random but this is weird. I've been listening to a tone mediation on you tube and Tesla's picture is on the front. Now here he is again.

That's what they call synchronicity, yea? ;D

I need to meditate for a dozen reasons but especially because of this election. Everyday, every time I hear that voice I have a reaction and get mad. I'm tired of it. But how do you NOT get mad? Impossible.
T. W. said…
It's all about money.
Anonymous said…
CD, Would you recommend this method of placing a photo of someone's work that one wishes to emulate in one's work space in order to inspire success? Does it really yield results?
Christian Dion said…
Indeed for instance Jesus in Church or Moses in a synagogue CD
wow! I'm gonna try this! :-)
Anonymous said…
Dude a.k.a. CD I have so many ideas as you may know some for fun, business and creativity & majority for humanity in a sense, I admire creative geniuses like tesla and him wanting to give free electricity at one point lol... I saw the documentary a few months back.
I want to do the same thing.
I was just thinking of him last night I kid you not I saw myself talking to Ellen how I admire Tesla on the Ellen show Lol.
To anyone reading this when I say I want to do the same thing ..the idea I felt came from God I honestly believe that and from there I wrote in all in a journal .... feeling how I feel about humanity hence the the struggling and suffering of others I felt like God knew what I would do with it in the sense of helping others. Mind you this idea happened back in 2012... I believe when new York had that power outage with hurricane Sandy. I'll tell the story one day but I believe God planted seeds that night for me to receive the idea. Xoxo
P.s. definitely using tesla's picture.. random fact:? I didn't about tesla in 2012 I only recently discovered his works this year 2016 how bout them apples.
T. W. said…
Thank you for all of your help Christian!
Anonymous said…
Anon 1.43am - That photo of Tesla is hot and I have printed it off and put in my kitchen. It is his eyes that do it for me. What a joy to look at them, while I am cooking. aaahhh...nice.
Tony said…
Hi CD. I've heard today very sad news that Michael Buble's son has been diagnosed with cancer. Heartbreaking news. Our prayers are with them
NicQuerica said…
Hehe genius truly is sexy!
NicQuerica said…
It's true. I work in a hospital and the number of mental health issues that come walking through the door has gone way up. People are cracking up, losing their minds from all the stress and negativity being generated.
NicQuerica said…
Makes sense, I will try this too!
NicQuerica said…
Oh, and everyone invest in Tesla! I'm going to buy shares of the company, hopefully later this year or early next year. :-)
cd, will you be doing 2017 predictions?

will harry styles come out in 2017? I love harry's energy! :-)

T. W. said…
Oh no! No child deserves cancer.
Anonymous said…
I'Ve definitely noticed more angry, assertive to the point of bullying the one "in charge" & yes our patients with mental health diagnosed issues are more symptomatic of anger, hostility, self harm too. I am saying there is a clear increase in levels of mental health issues, more people not able to manage their emotions along with that. Even people come in to our medical practice not our patients already angry,aggressive, wanting immediate care. I remain calm & it does help bring energies to calm but it is scary getting there. Other staff can't handle the heightened anger well. I hope healing angels come & help more. I can't put pictures up but angels come help please.
Anonymous said…
The signals from electric transmissions distort the bodies natural balance.
The Original Sarah said…
Now that is cool! Must try! Xxoo
Common Sense said…
Very interesting comments NicQuerica and 11:25 PM ANON regarding mental health issues. The election certainly does not help matters at all. People definitely have become more aggressive and selfish these days. Survivor mode.

It's been said that some of the most sensitive, artistic, gentlest souls have mental health issues -- this world is just too hard and cruel to withstand.

And these are exactly the kinds of souls we need more of in this crazy upside down, microwave world.

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