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TOLD YA, Let's hope she heeds the warning

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

L.O.L Do they really think we are buying this..

Well, it looks like HRH Prince Harry's PR Team, has joined the ranks of Conjurors.
His PR team is kind of claiming that he's dating.
One Canadian Actress, Megan Markle.
Apparently they have known,
 each other about 6 months.
Well, for starters, if the PR team,
 had done their research....
They would find that actresses,
 don't marry High ranking Royals.
Remember Koo Stark, 
the American actress/photographer, 
thought she'd marry HRH Prince Andrew.
Despite the fact, that his Great Granny,
 the Late HRH Queen Mother really liked Koo.
So this wannabe is way off base.
Besides she's a foreigner so that's the death nail.


T. W. said…
I loved the open letter. However, I do not like PR relationships because I think both people deserve better.
Anonymous said…
Well, if she pull off a Waitey Katey move she might get the ring. Kate got dumped several times, royal mattress for years but eventually found the trick with the help of her mama Carole. The warm, fuzzy, and normal family feeling that Carole staged did the trick. Megan should do the same.
Anonymous said…
Wow, bull's eye!
Anonymous said…
I hope Meghan lasts all the way.
Anonymous said…
Back in the day when Koo was dating that moron Andrew. It was her being a soft porn star in the past that scuppered her chances of marrying Andrew. Now if today that would be the case, I am sure the royals would welcome her in with open arms. Considering, they are complete hypocrites and do a damn site worse than her soft porn past. But back then it would not look good to the public and the royal advisors were advising against a marriage.
Anonymous said…
Meghan can't do the warm and fuzzy family thingy. Her bankrupt father said he has $200 to his name and the mom is "not all that". The Windsors are not known for living in the real world, even though they like to visit it like it is an amusement park.

DM has him bonking a Meghan/Kate lookalike already.
Anonymous said…
5:32, Publicly spread pussy is still not considered a calling card for a royal marriage. Koo would not be lucky like Melania Trump.
Anonymous said…
3.13am - Melania Trump is married to Donald Trump. I don't call that lucky!!

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