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Back StateSide

Hi One & All..
I am back in the States.
(Yeah I know they let me back I ha ha).
So please give me a few days,
to get out of JetLag Heaven.
So posts etc maybe a little spotty.
Also came back to a Family member Bob.
In hospital, so please keep him in your thoughts/prayers.
Will add his photo when I can.
He's a Scotsman so you know that he's stubborn.........
So he tends not to listen to anhyone.
Even his wife, so its a bit tuf.



Hazel Cowie said…
As a fellow Scot I know exactly what you mean ;-). Where there's a will there's always a way. Will join everyone here in helping imagine him well. Hope you had a wonderful time in England. It must be such a contrast though to the States!
GreatBuysForYou said…
Sending good vibes and prayers for Bob­čÖĆ
Letty said…
Sending love, healing and light to Bob!

He has a strong spirit!
Melic21 said…
Poor bob is it his stomach? Healing sent xx
T. W. said…
Welcome back Christian!

In Jesus's name I cast out the sickness from Bob's body now. I command spirits of infirmity to take their work and leave Bob now, never to return. I command his body to recover now. I command his body to receive health, wholeness, and healing from God now.
Johanna B said…
Sending healing energy to Bob and prayers for all who love him. May he be receptive to treatment action and may he recover swiftly.

Hugs for you, CD. Hope you are well rested and ready to resume the journey...

Carmen Reilly said…

You mentioned Amanda Knox.

I think she is innocent.

I thought she was guilty... it looked pretty obvious to me.. her guilt. Both her and her boyfriend.

But then I did an astrology chart. I think they're innocent. But it is karmic in some ways and soul plan in other ways.

Katelyn said…
God I ask you to please heal Bob, whatever it is that's causing him pain I pray that he will be healed in Jesus name.
Tony said…
I will mention Bob and his wife in my prayers tonight CD.

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