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Due to travel.....

Just a little catch up.As I am here and there at the moment,due to family issues.I am not able to post, or reply as fast as usual.Plus seems that the pics I try to post with the Predictions don't show.The wonders of technology ..You should have seen the drama,to get a phone to work.I am beginning to think Britain, is a third World Country.Oh Well.

       #1.  In response to the recount situation.I stand by my original prediction.
     #2. Also re a prayer to help with the "CULT".         Some of you have posted your versions.They are all good.Here's a little one from me.
I stand in the Light.I ask for protection and wisdom.As my my prayers and thoughts.Of  love and light.Will help and guide those indeed.I do this in hope that.We can all receive, this guidance as well, as pass it to those.That are truly in need.