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Due to travel.....

Just a little catch up.
As I am here and there at the moment,
due to family issues.
I am not able to post, or reply as fast as usual.
Plus seems that the pics I try to post with the Predictions don't show.
The wonders of technology ..
You should have seen the drama,
to get a phone to work.
I am beginning to think Britain,
 is a third World Country.
Oh Well.

       #1.  In response to the recount situation.
I stand by my original prediction.

     #2. Also re a prayer to help with the "CULT".
         Some of you have posted your versions.
They are all good.
Here's a little one from me.

I stand in the Light.
I ask for protection and wisdom.
As my my prayers and thoughts.
Of  love and light.
Will help and guide those indeed.
I do this in hope that.
We can all receive, 
this guidance as well,
 as pass it to those.
That are truly in need.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for this lovely uplifting prayer - I felt its joy.

Love to you and your family
thanks to CD's guidance in a reading I had previously, my inuition has grown so much just exactly as he said it I ask this ,(sorry if not appropriate)..psychic peeps: what is the point of getting information if it doesn't help anyone or you cannot alert anyone? I am seriously asking because today I got the ohio state info this morning and felt uneasy...I prayed to archangel michael this morning, all morning etc even though I didn't know if it was really going to happen...then I got the alert on my phone of the attack...I was so sick to my stomach and wanted to puke and cried and got, what is the point? I am grateful for my intuition,however, what good is it if I can't alert people and this isn't even the first time, it happens a lot for me...seriously asking­čśč any insight would be apprecitated! thank u...It has literally given me a headache and has drained me a bit today
Anonymous said…
Thank you CD for this lovely prayer
T. W. said…
Hi frugal and fabulous!

If your prayers are not working, then change your prayer.

I do not know what your prayer was, so I am giving the following advice assuming that your prayer was correct in wording. God works through people. Perhaps he told some people not to be in a certain location at a certain time. Perhaps he made people late to an appointment, etc so they would not have to be at the site of the attack. Perhaps he gave the attacker second thoughts, but the attacker brushed them off. In any case, it is up to listen and go with God's flow, we are not forced to do it.

God would not have shown you sometime without giving you power to change it. That is not the God I know.
Xoxo said…
To Frugality and Fabulous: oxo

Perhaps the issue isn't to do anything about it directly but indirectly rather than showing people the light, BE the light. I can see there's self doubt of what if your wrong ... things happen. It's part of you evoloving spiritually still, perhaps this gift of yours "At This Moment" is for you to be confident with your abilities and grow into them more. And not to worry about certain events. Think of it as Practice as in training or prepping and really listening to your intuition for the smaller or bigger things. You will come to a point in your life where you see/sense such events perhaps to turn those negative things into a positive. With this comes BEING the light and guiding people with your light and spreading love oxo. These things happen to you so you know how it feels if you're ever to meet a person who been through similar circumstances I don't know how healing works but perhaps whatever you're going through you'll be able to heal others. God bless oxo
Just my thought tho. Lol
Anonymous said…
Frugal, So frustrating for you. Sending you love, HRH
wow TW, that makes a lot of sense...I understand! thank u!
I understand, Thank you, d quinn!
thank you everyone for your insights! it has helped me greatly and I really appreciate it and thank you CD for publishing my question! :-) I lost sight of it all for a minute, I need to ground myself and get back to it! :-)
Common Sense said…
I think Develyn Quinn said it best -- BE the light.

I think she's right on. You have a gift Frugal and Fabulous, and as time goes on you will discover the answers to your questions. But for now, just BE the light, that beautiful, caring, kind person that you come across as.

awww that is SO sweet! thank you! I will keep shining! :-)
Anonymous said…
@ frugal and fabulous, others & of course, CD as well....:)

How can I articulate what lays so heavy inside my mind & heart....???

I feel many things...the energy that the world currently emits actually scares me. I feel afraid, which is the most vulnerable feeling a human can feel.

This world is empty....selfish....cold....mean....void of a soul.

I know there are many people on this earth who 'see'....and want to heal others, the world and promote peace.

I guess 'fear' is the energy of the devil himself! Instilling fear...and making us doubt God and his power/word, as well as our own free-will to 'choose' how to respond.

There is no 'fear' or 'pain' when living within the 'light' of God.

No man-made war, bombs, starvation, disease drought, greed or amount of pain can over-come God's love and power. When I remind myself of fear completely dissipates and all I see is bright light, peace and tranquility.

FEAR and DOUBT energy is MAN-MADE and is the ultimate weapon evil uses to manipulate our 'choices'....

The world is a negative place...but, we all have the ultimate will and choice in how we respond to it all....


T. W. said…
Hi! You are always welcome. I am happy to help.
T. W. said…
Thank you so much for this! Fear has torment. Fear is not of God.
Common Sense said…
History repeats itself, this is a fact. It happens in politics, wars, even the dysfunction within families, etc., etc., etc.

In the past, people were controlled by religions and government. The people had respect. Today, everybody has rights (rapists, murders, assholes, etc.) and nobody respects anything anymore.

The world is indeed a crazy place BUT THERE IS STILL MUCH GOOD WITHIN.

Those special souls (such as Frugal and Fabulous) are space heaters of love and that is their purpose on this earth at this time. They will attract individuals who need healing, and what these special souls do not always realise is that just their touch, their presence, can and will help many others to heal.

We must not let ourselves get carried with all this strife, negativity, violence, hate, and doom and gloom -- because as Danette and T.W. has said, fear is not love. Love has no fear. Think about that for a moment.

Everything that is going on in the world is for a reason. You have to admit these are turbulent times, but very exciting because change is gonna come. Things have to change, MUST change, because this old way of thinking no longer works in the 21st century. Trump and his merry old men still think this is the 60s and what worked back then no longer fits.

We will get through this. Believe. Trust in the universe, because good always overcomes evil. Just like the fairy tales, but also in the real world.

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As you know I rarely do sports stuff. But, even though Kobe Bryant.  Seems to have been out of the limelight of late. I get the feeling there's something. 
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