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A Day that will go down in Infamy

Today the United States of America.
Truly became a Global Joke.
The minute this monster became the President.
We lost our hard earned place in the World.


Letty said…
CD when is karma going to catch up to him???
CyndiTx123 said…
I am lost for words…. and very worried and scared for our country…..

I think he is now there to bring all the shiot to light. But it is sad and so much is uncertain.
matilda1960 said…
I can't bring myself to watch it on television. Just imagine having to see that cruel smug face for the next four years in the media.

Feeling sorry for America and every other country and person who has the misfortune of dealing with him.

Matilda x
Kristy said…
It still boggles my mind that he is President.

It makes me sad.
chocmint33 said…
I'm sorry you guys who live in America. I'm Australian and I thought how lucky you were to have Obama for 8 years. Now this is about to happen. I haven't seriously thought about Trump until I read this article by an Australian psychic the other night. Here is the link.
It is thought provoking and talks about how the Elite manipulated his win some time ago. The Elite really want to dismantle credible media so that the public is only fed crap by the Elite. All of this fake news is created by them so that the public stop believing credible sources of news and institutions. That way the Elite can do whatever they bloody well want without scrutiny.
At Trump's press conference when a journalist mentioned about the CNN report of him and those prostitutes he said it was fake news. No NOT fake news - that is just him and the Elites wanting to dismantle the real news so that we can only believe them and that way they can control the public. The Elite's motivation is money and greed.
It said to be wary of people on the Internet warning about the New World Order. They are constantly rubbishing Obama and the Clintons( not that they are Saints), and full of way-off conspiracy theories. Actually they are the Real New World Order or should I say the Elites.
But Trump is only a puppet of the Elite. Astrologically we are still in the Mercury Retrograde shadow and Governments that are sworn in a Mercury Retro are always unstable. Nixon was elected during Mercury Retro and look what happened! Plus there is a big Solar Eclipse on August 21. It is at 28 Leo which affects Trump's 29 Leo Ascendant and his Mars in Leo at 26. So there will be much drama around him near that date.
I predict he won't finish his full term and will probably be impeached. People who voted for him will feel let down. So hold in there, the truth will prevail in the end. White Light to America.
T. W. said…
Paula White is his spiritual advisor. If nothing else, that should make everyone afraid. I don't know what else to say or do.
Develyn Quinn said…
From this day forward you create your own future
This power belongs to you, remember that on December 19th 2017
Remember that it belongs To You
Move forward let not this one man create this journey
For this journey is yours alone , that much Is #true
Make changes
Live your life
do you boo
Inspire a nation if you have to
Develyn Quinn
Melic21 said…
Sadly another toldya in my hometown CD everyone please pray that we find some peace in this world and for the victims
Susan Miller said…
I'm saddened by this so much, it's making me ill.
T. W. said…
Thank you for sharing this.
T. W. said…
Watching right now. Melanoma is wearing a powder blue Ralph Lauren outfit of some sort. She is grinning ear to ear.

I hate this is happening.

Sandy B said…
He got the keys to the White House
T. W. said…
According to my sister's dream interpretation, either Trump's first term will be longer than expected or he will serve two terms. All of America will suffer during and after his term.

Trump blamed America's problems on the Obama Administration. This is not reality. Many of our problems began during the Regan era.

He talked about how shameful it was for factories and business to leave America. He forgot to mention he and his daughter have factories and business overseas.

The crowd was mostly white people wearing Confederate Flags.

Trump's speech was full of $hit.

All the non-whites, poor, and oppressed who voted for Trump are about to get their wake-up calls. Hitler Jr. is now President of the USA.

Preachers told their flock not to vote. I guess they forgot all the times voting (casting lots) was mentioned in the Bible.

I would go on but I am disgusted and have homework to do.
cecilia bryant said…
He's definitely brought the shadows out...
Sana L said…
Shit. Im so sorry America. My sister told me that Trumpet was the new bitch queen president of America. Thought she was kitting but she wasn't- We watched the news together with our mouths open.

CD, i got a question for you - in your previous predictions you showed a pic of WW3? If Trump was to become president, do you still see it?

Sending love and prayers to all American ppl, and the innocent victims in the world (suffering because of a few fucking stupid, greedy fat politicans and businessmen GODDAMMIT)

God please do something
quiet said…
well he sat down and signed a few bills behind his new desk and he just absolutely looks like he has no idea what he is doing. he almost looks very nervous or has nervous energy.

awaiting the first dance on cnn
quiet said…
i just cant see this lasting .. i dont think he got rid of all of his businesses in his name.
Molly said…
I truly hope the corrupt GOP (GoldmanSachs & Oil Party) is brought to their knees and ruined because of this guy. It's the least that can happen given their complicity and silence in all of this. They are more concerned about not ending up in a Trump Tweet than they are in defending America from a maniac who has NO ONES interest but his own. America is crying -- because we have welcomed Evil into the People's house.
T. W. said…
Yeah. He did not use separate pens for each signature he made. Even I know to do that and I hate politics. Pence had to tell him what to do.

I bet Pence is the shadow behind the throne.
T. W. said…
Amerikkka will fail as a nation state under this administration.

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