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Look out, Look out, there's a "CULT" Memeber about

So "Ladies" the rumour mill in Hollywierd.
Is a buzz with the fact that Tom Cruise,
 & his buddies at the "CULT".
 Are on the look out for another "wife",
  for his Highness.
Now we all know how successful,
 in the past that was.
So now a change of plan.
They are looking for "Non Showbiz" idiot,
 er I mean woman.
Do they not know of equal rights and all that.
I mean to say, it's not like anyone believes, 
he likes the "Ladies"


quiet said…
why does this guy feel the need to have another spouse??
two failed marriages already or maybe three. Whats the point. He is no spring chicken and should relax and start spending time with his kids not on a new relationship.
jele6 said…
I can't understand why he doesn't try to find someone who is already a scientology member.
T. W. said…
Please tell me his search for a wife is today's April's Fools joke.

I thought Tom and that Miscavige fellow were together.
T. W. said…
Hi quiet! Tom has had 3 failed marriages. Mimi Rogers was wife #1 and introduced him to $¢ientology. Nicole Kidman was wife #2. Katie Holmes was wife #3.
auntliddy said…
Cruise is so throughly twisted up in his brain by this freaking cult he cant see his way out. He cld hv had a little girl who adores him but instead he listens to cult crap. Its actually sad. CD, will he ever get free of these crazy cultists?!

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