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Low class trash........ who claims to be "Spiritual"

Model & Spoilt BITCH, Naomi Campbell.
Seen here in a "FUR" coat in NY.
Shame she has no empathy, 
so that she'd feel the pain,
Oh Well, as her career continues to tank.
She'll be able to pawn it no doubt.
But, she about to find out.
That the people that she trood on, 
on the way up the ladder of fame.
Will be waiting with glee,
 to meet her as she decends.....


Losing that Russian guy was the trigger. She doesn't look happy either.
T. W. said…
I had no idea New York got that cold. Wait a minute... The man in the photo is dressed like the day is pleasantly warm.
Alex S said…
Naomi is a person I certainly would not say is Spiritual. That fur coat does not look nice. I am not surprised that her career could be on the spiral downwards. She does not come across as someone who is a genuinely, nice person. Going back 20 years ago I worked with a lady whose niece was a friend of Naomi's and she did not have very nice comments to say about Naomi back then. It is a shame that time has not improved much for her.

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