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New Yew 2014 Predictions 2.0......the extra's

2014 New Year version 2.0
The Seer's 2014 Predictions
Were written while staying
Cayuga Lake
Upstate New York.
Just down the road from the entrance to
“The Twilight Zone”.
(Completed Dec 29th 2013)
Miley Cyrus
Not that this should be a surprise to anyone. But by the years end, she’ll have been to the nuthouse.

Marilyn Monroe.
Over the next couple of years paperwork/photographs will come to light. 
That will set the real story of her death straight. She didn’t kill herself.


Sandra Bullock
This year she will at last find true love, even if we don’t get to find out right away.


She’ll continue down the path to nutsville.  Embarrassing herself and her daughter even more.


Johnny Depp
Set to earn even more money this year than ever. Even if the critics continue to hate his acting.  He’ll find the right person to love soon too.


Tom Cruise
Will hold more auditions for a “WIFE” in 2014 finding one dumb enough to marry him. Yet of course another mistake and divorce to follow. His last ex will  write a tell all, but perhaps not in 2014.


Lenny Kravitz
Claims to be celibate ha ha ha…
However 2014 good for him on the professional front.

Viggo Mortensen
Good year all round including happiness in his personal life.

George Clooney
Another disappointing year for George on the romantic front, mind you that’ll always be the case. But Oceans 13 announced this coming year.

Tom Hiddleston actor

A couple of major awards due to 2014.

 Nicole Kidman
Her new movie ''Queen Of  The Desert'' This biopic of Gertrude Bell an archaeologist and cartographer who mapped Iraq.  Will win her critical acclaim.

 Global warming
Still the powers that be will deny it exists. But they will be proved wrong in 2014.


Robert Pattinson
A really good year for him, in fact his best yet, both professionally and personally.


Bill Bratton
New NY chief of police will do a brilliant job.


Arsenal football club.
They will do well, surprising even those critics.

Jennifer Aniston
Is she going to get married to Justin Theroux soon?  SADLY, yes…….
She needs to wake up big time and dump that idiot boyfriend, but she won’t.  well not for a while.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet
Will in 2014 come to an agreement to work together in the future.

Virgin Space Ship
59 Richard Branson
He's in for a major comeuppance in 2014/15 about time too. Mind you he won't believe he's done any wrong. This space thing he's all excited about is not going to go well at all


Jennifer Lawrence
Has been through a bit of a rough patch, but 2014 is much better for her. Especially careerwise.


Is it truth that our universe is infinite?
It is…….


When will the world end?
Not in our lifetimes, not those of our children, or our children’s children X1.000 generations.


Does reincarnation exist?
Not as we have been lead to believe.


Does Russia have a good future?
Not at the moment nor for the next five years.


Will people find the cure for AIDS and cancer,
if yes, how soon?
They are closer than they think to a cure. In the next five years it will be proved that they have had a cure for longer than they told us.


Will humans ever live on other planets in the future?


Will aliens live among people on earth?
Yes & Do……


Will aliens be friendly with humans?
Some yes, some no.
Just like we are with each other.


Cote De Pablo will be back on NCIS.


Conrad Murray.
Will continue to spout his innocence. He needs to watch his back.


Kaley Cuoco
More film roles than TV for her in the coming year.


Natalie Wood
Will be shown that her death wasn’t an accident, but it’ll take a few years.


Chris Evans
Interesting year for this talented actor. Especially personally.

Michael Jackson
More damaging truths will appear in 2014. But the family still won’t believe despite the photographic evidence.


U.S. economy.
Believe it or not in the end a good year, but a very bumpy ride….

Ryan Sweeting (tennis player),
Lots of professional success this year. As well as his relationship with Kaley Cuoco being a hit.


Prince Harry
(69 Prince Harry Royal Engagement,
Cressida Bonas).


Hilary Clinton
(33 Hilary Clinton.
This is the year that Hillary announces that she will run for the next President of the United States of America and yes, I want to remind you, I have said that for a long time. She’ll win too, in fact she will win 2020 also.)  Grand baby 2014/15.


Tea Party.
Loser year for them.

Kirsten Stewart
(3 Kirsten Stewart
Well before I fall on the floor laughing, she's just going to get even worse).


Ariana Grande.
Her year to break big…….


Selena Gomez.
So, she needs to re think her career path.  A change of agent/manager will do the trick.


Demi Levato
Needs a lot of help. Or she’ll fall big time.


John Mayer
(10 John Mayer.
Back on top professionally, thank goodness. Even personally great year).


Katy Perry
Her best year ahead, so far……..


Bush Sr
A real tough year.


Koch brothers
Will be shown to be who they really are. Wait till the scandal breaks then watch all those Republicans that praise them VANISH.


 World Cup.
(60 World Cup Football.
Surprise win here. Real Long Shot (excuse the pun).
See Brazil, not good....)

Rupert Murdoch's (NewsCorp)
If he thinks 2013 was rough, just wait till 2014 starts to roll. I can’t wait.


Emma Stone
Much better year ahead…..


The Australian and New Zealand economies
A positive turnaround for both.


New Zealand
A good year for the most.


Australian Property Bubble would burst?
It’ll start in 2014.


Benedict Cumberbatch
Professionally a brilliant year, smash movie awards.


Khloe Kardashian love life?


Shakira love life/engagement?
GREAT, ding dong…….


Kobe Bryant/Vanessa Bryant?

 Zayn of One Direction,
Good year careerwise, not so good emotionally.


Harry Styles
More fun and frolics from Harry, and a movie role, he’ll surprise everyone. Think Michael Caine.


Cheryl Cole
More rubbish from her…..


Megan Fox
Back on track…..


Little Mix


Natalie Portman
A come back year of sorts.


John Travolta
Not a good time ahead for him in 2014 all round.


The Veil is becoming very thin...
To open more minds…..If you are able or willing to pay attention.


Fate of Google glasses?


Miranda Kerr
The truth will out in 2014, it won’t be pretty either.
She was a cheating long before she broke up with Orlando….
Mount Vesuvius 
This Old Girl will be doing some coughing and spluttering this year. Along with some very loud belches.......

Zac Effron.
He's had a bad 2013...
Due to the fact that he hasn't learned his lesson 2014 even worse.
The Carole King Story.
Opens Broadway New York. Jan 12th 2014.
Tony Tony Tony.....
Here's the link to the first predictions published Xmas Eve
(Predictions above in RED are copies from the original predictions on Xmas Eve).
No reproduction without written permission.


Anonymous said…
Thank you SO much!!! Happy holidays, Christian!!
Anonymous said…
“Will aliens live among people on earth? Yes & Do…”
Do they know they are aliens or they think they are humans, but in reality they have just a human body and an alien spirit? Maybe it’s a stupid question, but still..
Anonymous said…
I heard from a psychic that Miley's going to have 2 hit songs this year, is this true? And are you saying Zac Efron's going to relapse on drugs or something else? Thanks Christian
Anonymous said…
Amazing new predictions!!! Thanks a lot Christian :) I couldn't be happier for Shakira/Pique they make a great couple, love them! Kristen Stewart's career seems to go downhill but personally she looks happier than ever! and I'm especially looking forward to see Hillary Clinton as the President :)
Jem said…
Thanks, Christian! What's in store for Gwyneth Paltrow in 2014?
Anonymous said…
CD are you a human?
Psychic Gossip said…
I don't know, but myMum does tell everyone that she's waiting for the spaceship to come and pick me back up CD
Anonymous said…
Thank you CD I hope you are writing a book. Best wishes for 2014!
T. W. said…
That is not a.dumb question. Ever heard of demonic possession? T. W.
Anonymous said…
T. W. said…
I am loving all the predictions. As for the AIDS cure, there is no money in cures. Money is in treating the symptoms. Same for cancer. It is my opinion that HIV and AIDS are being used as population control. Oh! The Bossip site reported a researcher faked an AIDS cure to get over 19 million dollars in grant money. The cure had something to do with rabbit blood. Also, my sisters and I are wondering why HIV patients dont get bone marrow transplants. The cure for ALL diseases has been in front of us all along. I wonder what the aliens have to say. Are P'lod, Xenu, and the Batboy real? There is no telling. Ha ha ha. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Christian! Much appreciated. Happy New Year too! :)
Anonymous said…
T.W., yes I have. But do u think it's the same? I mean demonic possession and an alien spirit in a human body? I reckon that when it's demonic possession - then there is something abnormal inside a normal human and when it's gone, a human is left with his own spirit. But if there is an alien spirit inside a human body, then there is no other spirit/demon or anything like that inside him, just that alien spirit. Of course, probably my theory sucks, but I have nobody to ask to prove or deny it
Anonymous said…
Love all the new predictions!! When will Cote make her return to NCIS? ..... What about Chad Michael Murray he finally with who he is suppose to marry?
Anonymous said…
how about girl group fifth harmony ?
can so say anything about camila cabello
Anonymous said…
kendall jenner and harry styles love affair?
T. W. said…
An alien is a being not of this world. Angels and demons are not of this world. God intended man to have dominion in the earth. Hell was intended for Satan and his angels. Unfortunately many people will be there. The spirits of humam and demon seed will be there as well. I dont want to hijack Christian's blog so i will stop here. Y. W.
Anonymous said…
Btw, CD it’s a great idea to write a book, I’d buy it. Please, consider it
Psychic Gossip said…
Well, after so many hints and prods I better. So that will be my New Years promise to have written a book by Dec 31st 2015. Working title
"Silver Thread" CD
Anonymous said…
Thank you Christian:) and Happy New Year.
Anonymous said…
As always, thank you! But I really want to know about reincarnation. I know it exists, but what is different about it? This is something that concerns all of us. What is different, please? KN
Psychic Gossip said…
Dear KN.
When we pass away and go home, "We" don't come back, if we did then how could the population grow? What I believe is....
We are allowed to return to help guide a new person, we are not the new person. However if the link between "WE" and the new person is so strong. The NEW person may believe or feel that they had lived before, where as what is really happening. Is that the NEW person is remembering the life of "WE" in absolute detail. CD
Anonymous said…
Dear KN and CD,

A soul ( whether human / animal / plant / any living being) is a part of God's soul and God is infinite. There are no limited no. of souls that God distributes to human bodies. Infact, souls travel from one life form to another depending upon their spiritual advancement. Thus any no. of beings can be created by this universe and living beings. Before, 3000 B.C. in the time of Lord Krishna, the population was in billions but the western world knows mainly what makers of Christianity said. The Gods who talked about reincarnation belonged to Sanaatan Dharm, which is another name of Hinduism. SM
Anonymous said…
Can you PLEASE tell more about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie??, Yeah i mean, who is the one doing the dumping?? its Brad??, is he the one who was out of the relationship??, also... is Brad cheating on Angelina??
A psychic last year said that Brad was bored in the relationship!! its true??
Psychic Gossip said…
He's always been bored, He'll be the one to give the marching orders CD
Anonymous said…
... Sorry had to rush. So completing my point, the reincarnation happens of the exact soul. Every soul takes millions of birth until it reaches the final incarnation when he attains moksh or nirvana. Like Jesus or Buddha. Even they started with the lifetimes of one cell organism and lived through several lifetimes. The reincarnation happens as we fail to achieve moksh and are stuck in the rut of materialism or maya. Some souls with extraordinary Karm ( which is misspelled and mispronounced by the west as 'Karma' ) are sent to heaven and as soon as their account of good Karm is finished, they are again sent back to earth to work on their enlightenment. The same way, the souls with extremely bad Karm pay for their sins either in hell or through a birth in disadvantaged circumstances on this earth. That is why it is said that this human life is the most invaluable. Because you don't get a chance to attain liberation even in heaven. Heaven and hell both are chains, one a gold one and the other an iron one. SM
Anonymous said…
Christian, what’s the meaning/purpose of life on earth? I mean maybe it’s better to “go home” straight away?
T. W. said…
Thank you for sharing your viewpoints. I want to point out Zoroastrianism is the oldest religion and it does not teach reincarnation. T. W.
T. W. said…
God wants a family that chose Him. If we sin, we can repent. We could also choose not to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If an angel chooses to serve Satan, that is it for them. No repentance, nothing. Human beings are created in the image of God the Father, God the Don, and God the Holy Spirit (Elohim). I realize not everyone believes this. I am not trying to convert, I want to share. Besides, this is a psychic blog. We are friends here and respect one another. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant! I’m looking forward to it!
Anonymous said…
Christian have you ever thought about creating your official website?
Anonymous said…
T.W., what about the father, the son and the holy spirit? But CD said that only female energy can give birth to anything… so there is no father or son or something like that. A woman = God, who created humans and everything else..
Anonymous said…
I'm curious about Cote too! I love the show regardless but absolutely adore Ziva.
Anonymous said…
Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio will come to an agreement to work together - They have already done that surely given that they have both said repeatedly since 2007 (when they last worked together) that they want to do it again. The question has not been IF they would work together again but WHEN.

Also, we already had an "Oceans 12" and "Oceans 13" with Clooney. Do you mean that there will be an "Oceans 14"?
T. W. said…
As you can see, i do not agree with his viewpoint. I respect him and his views. I do believe God has a maternal side. He did use one of Adam's cells to create woman. I recognize not everyone is Christian, especially on a psychic blog. Ask God to reveal him or herself to you. God bless you. T. W.
Psychic Gossip said…
Silly me 14 ha ha CD
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian. Please answer.
I heard from a psychic that Miley's going to have 2 hit songs this year, is this true? And are you saying Zac Efron's going to relapse on drugs or something else? Thanks Christian
Anonymous said…
Ok, I see everyone’s points. But if God created everything, who did create God?
Anonymous said…
And the question as to WHEN Kate and Leonardo will work together a third time? My guess is 2017 but I hope it's sooner. What do you think CD?
Anonymous said…
2017?! I hope it does n't take that long to happen. That's ages away
Anonymous said…
Hi T.W. ,

No Zoroastrianism is not the oldest religion. It is Sanaatan Dharm / Hinduism. Source : Studying religions of the world for 15 years. SM
Anonymous said…
Brad Pitt is going to be the one giving the marching orders??, WOW!! So Brad is going to be that COLD with the mother of his children??, He doesn't love her anymore??
T. W. said…
Hi Christian. The Info Wars site has an article saying the Japanese government knew the Fukushima plant had a melt down and chose not to inform the public. The article also says sailors from the USS Ronald Regan are suing the utility company because the came down with thyroid cancer, leukemia, and brain tumors. That was the first I heard of this. Animals in the west cost of the US are dying of strange diseases. I wonder what else is being hidden from the public. T. W.
Anonymous said…
CD you're adorable! Happy New Year and thanks for everything you do!
Anonymous said…
- When will the world end? Not in our lifetimes
So it will be eventually. CD do you mean the end of humans/earth or the end of the spirit world too?
Anonymous said…
Infowars is propaganda. Jones does not have any documentation for the things he claims and always makes all kinds of fear-mongering and untrue statements. I would not put much stock into that web site or in him, if I were you.

Anonymous said…
C.D ... what do you think.... is this girl a new Robert Pattinson girlfriend? or a "passing fancy" also?
Anonymous said…
When will Cote De Pablo be back on NCIS?... this season or next?
Anonymous said…
Is there a Heaven and a Hell? If so, how would you describe them?
T. W. said…
Thank you. I made mention of the article because of the recent Fukushima prediction Christian made. : )
T. W.
Anonymous said…
Ok. Got 'cha T.W. I don't want to tell you what to believe, but....yeah very controversial. You know what they say though...even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Anonymous said…
Hey Christian,
Just saw your predictions on another site , it was credited to you I think. But just watching out for you to make sure you know its out there.


also could you do a prediction on olivia parlermo and johannes huebl? I know they may not be as big as some others. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
It's funny that this guy automatically predicts doom and gloom (every year) for conservatives and great things for liberals.
Anonymous said…
No it isn't "funny" that he predicts that...rather it's the natural order or things. When you behave as bad as the conservatives have for 3 decades eventually your lies and misdeeds catch up with you.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, we want to know about Fifth Harmony!?
Anonymous said…
I want to know too.
Anonymous said…
Christian you've predicted this will be the best year for Rob Pattinson personally and professionally. Does it mean he will finally get rid of Kristen Stewart for good? I mean people still link him to Kristen.
Anonymous said…
I hope it's over,but there are rumors that they spend New year's Eve together in NY.But here are no pics to prove it.
Anonymous said…
With Demi, is it professional or personal help she needs? I'm guessing the latter, but I'm wondering...
Anonymous said…
I think Jennifer L. boyfriend will cheat on her again.....
Psychic Gossip said…
AGAIN he's never stopped..CD
Anonymous said…
hi CD and a happy and belated new year to you. I am an Arsenal fan in the UK and I see that you can see a good year for them. We haven't won a trophy for 9 years. Is a trophy on its way to us this season and if so how many? Kind regards Tony
Psychic Gossip said…
HI Tony I have a funny feeling they will....although I know nothing about football, even though my great uncle played for West Brom CD
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian, can you predict something about Henry Cavill?
Many thanks
Anonymous said…
Hi cd and many thanks for your reply. We lost 5-1 at Liverpool today but only 1 point behind the leaders. Fingers crossed! Tony
Anonymous said…
headline: Michael Jackson Estate embroiled in major tax-cheating scandal: IRS slams executors with $702 MILLION bill

Read af:
Nina said…
Christian, I saw this today & my first thought was that you mentioned something about the financial world having a bad time of it and my thinking is that these suicides are linked. What are your thoughts?
Psychic Gossip said…
Indeed I do think they are all linked to the prediction..CD
Unknown said…
You so worng about little mix! This year gonna be little mix year
Anonymous said…

You couldn't have been more correct about Zac Efron. Breaking down in SKID ROW??!! No one ends up there by accident. I know of volunteers that even try to get out of there before nightfall. There was only one reason he was there- trying to score drugs.

Any idea if this kid is going to have a future in Hollywood, disappear, or even going to live?
Anonymous said…
Do you know what 2014 will be like for Cher Lloyd? Musically perhaps? Her recent track releases are really good, to the point where I think she might get some Success. What's your prediction?
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian!
Could you tell where our souls are when we are not born yet? Always wanted to know that
Anonymous said…
What does a soul mate really mean? Is it a part of your own soul or something like that?
Unknown said…
148- World Cup. (60 World Cup Football.Surprise win here. Real Long Shot (excuse the pun). CD - Germany was a long shot?
Anonymous said…
What's gonna be the cause of Little Mix being Finished???

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