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Good times ahead, but beware the bump.....

Just the other day I was walking,
 Lady Gaga by the beach.
It was very early and quiet.
As I was passing a very nice hotel.
There on the balcony was a gentleman.
Who looked familiar.
As I walk past on the way home.
I realised it was Jeremy Renner.
He has great times ahead career wise.
But a bit of a bump personally.
Just goes to show.
You never know who you will see.
Or where.


Anonymous said…
One of my have gossip columnists Ted Casablanca was supposedly fired by E! for allegedly outing Jeremy Renner in a blind vice item. Any comment, Christian?
Anonymous said…
Two things: He's a great actor and really cute. Even in this day and age IF he is gay and came out it wouldn't be too good for his career.
Secondly, why can't the Lady Gaga who usually stands on two legs just be her natural adorable self like your pup and stop with all the outfits and wigs? She's so talented she doesn't need all the bells and whistles and I sometimes I get tired of just looking at her hoof shoes and if she doesn't stop she's gonna fall and have surgery for real this time.
T. W. said…
Lady Gaga is one lucky bitch!

I enjoyed watching The Hurt Locker and I wish Jeremy well.
Anonymous said…
I like Jeremy and really thought his Hansel and Gretel was hardcase (nz for funny). When he was on Graham Norton he said he suffers from insomnia, so I hope it has cleared up:-). Your lady looks gorgeous christian, what a sweetie.:-).

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