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Dear God, I feel sorry for my fellow brits..

So Cheryl " Tone Deaf " Cole.
Is about to return to UK Telly screens.
On the British X Factor.
Terrible idea.
Never mind my pal by agent Mel B.
Will give her a run for her money.
I almost feel sorry for her.
Nah, not really......


T. W. said…
You are funny!
Anonymous said…
It never ceases to amaze me that when I watch these shows (if I'm desperate and there is nothing else on telly:-) ), the amount of times, a contestant sings completely out of 'tune' (no matter how nice their 'tone' is), and that fact is broadcast to all tellys around the world, and one or more of the judges will be like " oh wow! that was just fab!" and I'm like " were you actually listening with the human ears you were born with?" as that was SO out of tune! It's like thats the least important thing on their list when it should be their FIRST! Their prob thinking..nah we can synthesise it out in the studio..(soz, that the word?) The beautiful thing about singing out of tune is you can't take it personally as it's a fact that has nothing to do with your voice tone, emotion or style. But they still afraid to tell them. Say: Sorry you need to book in some singing lessons and learn to sing in tune. Don't listen to mummy :-) lol,...sing to that piano or guitar tuner over there, it won''t lie to you..:-) :-) and it prob cheaper than singing lessons:-). The sad thing is... the voice is prob the last thing most judges are looking at if truth be known...:-)
T. W. said…
They want people they can handle
Anonymous said…
Sooo CD ...what is your take now on Rob pattinson and FKA Twigs? Dating?
Anonymous said…
Part of the job requirement to work with Simon Cowell is that you agree to sleep with him. Cheryl is part of Simon's harem.
CD - could you let us know if Joan Rivers will be okay - I'm hoping for a miracle.

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