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Not good ...

After watching wannabe Pres Bernie Sanders,
 on TV with Bill Maher.
I get the feeling.
That he won't make it to the elections.


Maureen said…
Too bad I really like him. He's remarkably outspoken and intelligent. I would vote for him. He does seem a bit fragile for the rigors of an almost two year campaign.
CD- do you think there will be a dark horse entry to the race? It seems like Obama came from nowhere to win the first election. I was thinking something similar might happen again. What do you See now that candidates have declared themselves? Personally I can't take any R but Jeb seriously as it seems like the rest have Clown Fame Disorder.
Anonymous said…
Christian when will your youtube channel come about? I'm excited about that
Anonymous said…
CD said Hillary will win
Anonymous said…
Are you implying he'll just drop out, or something worse will happen?
Also, what do you think of Rand Paul?
Anonymous said…

Oh dear.
Hey Christian, what do you think about that perfectly formed pyramid found on Mars? Is it for real or a hoax?
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian, can you please do a post re: Mariah Carey and James Packer? Is this a fake relationship? Seems like an odd pairing. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Yeah it seems like maybe it's a pr stunt
Anonymous said…
Well I was saying how I thought he should watch his back because he is making too much sense.... Are you saying he's going to be assassinated? That is what I was thinking, but I pray I am wrong.
Anonymous said…
Maureen, you wouldn't be so thrilled with Jeb if you looked into his reputation and deeds. He has Born Rich Clown Fame Disorder, along with My Wife is Hispanic Syndrome.
Anonymous said…
Not only that, Anon, but Jebbie boy not only helped his brother to steal the presidency in 2000, he ripped off Senior citizens via Medicaid for millions of dollars. He also stuck his stupid nose into the personal decisions of people Fascist style in the Shiavo case. In addition, this boob announces that his lying, thieving, war-criminal brother is a (cough cough) "genius" and was right to invade the wrong country. Anyone that votes for him needs their head examined. I'd vote for Trump first.
Anonymous said…
I really hope you're wrong about Hillary becoming president (as I don't think she can be trusted at all), but I wouldn't be surprised at all if you were right and it came to pass. :-\

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