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TOLD YA, another Splitsville ..

Monday, July 21, 2014

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Are Married!

I can't believe that anyone is really buying this.
But just for "FUN" I'll give it 18 months.


Anonymous said…
Why would they split? Cheating, attitude problems?
T. W. said…
Adam looks suspect to me.
Anonymous said…
I know prayer is prayer, but I start off with God, Jesus Christ, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides before saying the prayer. I am creating wallet cards for life challenges. How should I start it, CD?
Psychic Gossip said…
To the Supreme being and creator .

,Add this to the beginning before God.
Anonymous said…
He looks from this image as if he's left her behind already. it's all about me complex.
Maria said…
Speaking of cheaters, I'm surprised that I'm always surprised when I find out celebs can be total creeps or jerks. To read Ben Affleck was (allegedly) sleeping with his children's nanny. So FN DUMB. I always saw Ben as a loving, grateful father and husband. This (alleged) information changes everything. Major assholery. I mean how selfish and reckless to sleep with the nanny of your own children who btw isn't much older herself.

Yuck, Ben. Yuck.
Anonymous said…

Another question about the JenBen marriage, Christian. One story is that Jen hired a young, attractive nanny on purpose it's called a long con. Or was she just too trusting, hopeful & messed up in the head with Ben's issues?
T. W. said…
Christian, you are sweet. Bless you.
Anonymous said…
Thank You CD I wanted to simplify it. This helps greatly :) To the Supreme Being and Creator God Bless Everyone
Anonymous said…
Do you personally know him? Don't listen to rumors!
Anonymous said…
Gwen Stefani marriage dunzo too

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