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Oscar flop .......

Well the powers that be must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
They have picked Chris Rock,
 to host the 2016 Oscars.
Not good.
Oh Well.
At least I'll get a good restaurant seat that day.


T. W. said…
Chris must need money.
Anonymous said…
He sure does. Remember he picks on white ppl,cheated on his wife w/ one. She getting paid Johnny Kemp style... May he rip
Anonymous said…
Chris Rock is not funny never has been another Amy schuler boring and fugly.
Anonymous said…
What do you get about Justin timberlake and Jessica biel? I feel they are really not connected look at their pictures together
Anonymous said…
Never found him funny
Anonymous said…
He didn't do well the last time he hosted.
Why not bring back James Franco and David Letterman too, while they're at it and make it a Trifecta of Terrible?
Sana Laajab said…
I loved the Oscars 2015 when Neil Patrick Harris hosted it- and the song. Why couldn't they pick him again...or someone with more class?
Anonymous said…
When they announced that Chris Rock was hosting the Oscar's...I literally spit out my drink on the spot. Seriously? I TOTALLY agree with you that it will be a huge and epic failure. They must be desperate.
Anonymous said…
This a quote it also backs what CD said about khole and her family

Granny Yoakum"I am so tire of every body trying to Saint this woman...Khloe ...who is the main reason the man is in that bed in the first place...Yes I know he is a druggie but guess what folks is Khloe...and she has a record to prove it....She partied with him before they married with booze and drugs at the groupie parties for the basketball players in LA ...Yes she did so she knew what he was like before she married him and married him anyway...So she's lying when she says she didn't know....and If was cheating will guess what so was she caught on camera with the Rapper "Game " and his cousin while still living with Lamar.....She only started screaming cheating and druggie after their Khloe and Lamar spin off show bombed and he got cut from the Dallas team....that was the end for Lamar......they went after him with a vengeance the press they hounded that man and keep hounding him  and the devoice would have be done two years ago except for the PRe Nup he signed giving her 2 million for every year they stay married and a bonus of 5 million at the 5 year mark and this year was the 5th She is NO Saint ...NO devoted Wife ...she is looking out for Lamar's bank account not Lamar....that just for the Media....and from her own guilt if she even has soul enough to feel guilt which I doubt..."


Anonymous said…
Because the idiots and wannabes are in charge.
Maria said…
I love Chris Rock but I'm just so sick of people giving these stupid award shows so much meaning. None of this crap has any real meaning but people get so suckered into believing they're so important. I always think of Whoopi Goldberg pouting after one Oscar show where they left out her image during a retrospective on black Oscar winners. She went on The View the next day and actually felt angry over it. I'm like GMAFB, lady! Who cares! If you need constant validation that you matter or won something then it's YOU with the problem.

I can't even with these big babies. It's never enough to have pretty much everything!
NicQuerica said…
Chris Rock isn't funny. I think he's annoying and obnoxious. Hugh Jackman would be a better choice.
T. W. said…
Agreed, but I think Whoopi had every right to be upset. It's not like there were so many black winners they couldn't fit her in. I quit watching years ago.
Anonymous said…
From the perspective of, you are getting to see the moment someone reaches the pinnacle of achievement in their chosen industry, the Oscars is a pretty important event and one that can be exhilarating to watch. That is why I watch it. Even though I know what the Oscars are rooted in. (When the government broke up studio/theater monopolies, the Oscars were devised as a marketing ploy.)

But it is still pretty cool to watch someone reach that moment. I wish there was less campaigning though.
Anonymous said…

You're right Maria! I had a friend who worked behind the cameras for a long time and he used the same word for the actors:babies. I don't think they all are but if you make it big and believe the hype you can lose touch.
I think Amy Schumer or Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would be great choices for the following year!
Anonymous said…
If they used Amy it would show her zero talent. The Oscars have been made fake and boring by wannabee and they have become meaningless too.

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