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A SMASH ....

The highly successful movie " Moulin Rouge ".
Is at last the hit the boards.
No date yet, but get you tickets asap.
It's going to be Global.


christian predicted right that brooklyn beckham and choloe moretz would break up and he needs help...saw it online that they just broke up
T. W. said…
Thanks Christian!
Anonymous said…
Please let Ewan reprise his role.
Melic21 said…
brilliant i love baz lurhmann! on a side note CD or anyone do you believe in the Illuminati and all the symbolism in music these days or is it just conspiracy as per this article
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed the original movie, though I did think it was a bit strange in areas.
Anonymous said…
I agree it was strange, like Eyes Wide Open. I guess that's Nicole Kidman for you (and I dont' mean to single her out. The rest of the gang is included).
Develyn Quinn said…
So wait is this a moulin Rouge part 2?
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in returned :)
Anonymous said…
That Hilary Clinton FBI report on her email server is juicy.
T. W. said…
The symbolism is real. Symbols mean what you want them to mean.
Anonymous said…
How is Johnny Depp doing? Will he recover from this love and career wise? I remember you saying before about amber that she 'wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face'. So im assuming you meant he's innocent
Anonymous said…
Anon 5:40, unfortunately for Johnny, there's video of him acting very badly. Not innocent. Sorry. I really like him, too, but he's not handling aging very well, it's getting to him.

She also wasn't the person he should have been around while grieving over his mothers death.

The whole thing was a psychological minefield for both of them, from beginning to end.

Anonymous said…
Hey CD, what do you think about Minka and Wiler Demi Lavados old boyfriend and his new girlfriend? Feel bad for her!:(

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