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Madge time to wake up...

As Madonna carries on her quest for eternal youth.
Along, with the crackpot beauty regimes.
Toy-boys, actor Idris Elba, 
(run Man, run).
Late nights and booze.
She continues to neglect the kids.
Allowing them to run riot.
She needs to put a watch on her daughter.
Or she'll be attending a funeral.


Anonymous said…
Idris Elba is dating Madonna? Oh my God! I love him as an actor but come on...! I mean I know she is Madonna but damn! lol Madonna has always been a strict mother in the past but you're right...she has looked really...let us an extreme youthful grabbing kind of way in the past few years. She always wants to be the complete center of attention. Idris needs to RUN like hell! lol
Anonymous said…
Live Madonna I hope her and her family are okay!!
Anonymous said…
I just have to say this, Trumps hands a really really small! I just saw a photo of him waving! OMG! I think grammar school boys have bigger hands than him! Lol
Anonymous said…
That should be a wake up call for Madonna... hopefully.

if her daughter were to pass away. If it doesn't wake her up I don't know what will
Anonymous said…
Well evidently self absorption has taken over and aging but gracefully is the problem. I think Lourdes father will step in.
Anonymous said…
Gosh.. hope her dad steps in. That adorable little boy she adopted.. poor kid. I think her son Rocco knew she was like this and probably why he went to live with dad.
Anonymous said…
Well Rocco got asrested for drugs in September but really teens nowadays do this but make it. Parental guidance is always needed.
CyndiTx123 said…
Son Rocco just got busted smoking dope….. Gosh- what about her adopted kids? are they in for a scare?

Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear that. She goes to the same school as my nephews. I hope her father can straighten her out.
Anonymous said…
TW, exactly--oh no!
Love you,
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian,

What's going on with Beiber? Apparently he punched a fan that simply wanted to touch him?
Anonymous said…
OT: This sounds encouraging:

Which supports the logic noted here:

Hope you are enjoying a much need R and R, CD...and return home well rested...

~ Johanna ~

Anonymous said…
Friends, I noticed there have been links to the Pizzagate pics in comments here. Do not use these links! Dont go there! You will be hosting child porn on your computer, even if it is a fake representation.

If this link does show children, ask yourself why you need to see it. And if you looked at it to "prove" something to yourself, ask why seeing pictures of child porn was so important to you.

This whole psy-ops, false flag BS has gotten out of hand. Its gone into territory so dark, its perverted-- just to make you react with hate towards those that they hate.

HRH (who did not go to any site connected with Pgate.)
Anonymous said…
Hillary's lead is 1,975,000 votes now. Trump is definitely a faux president-elect. I dont know how his supporters can twist their ragged brain cells around this massive victory for Hillary and hiss "We won". Some serious floating down de Nile by them.

Anonymous said…
Hi HRH, as an outsider to USA,I've gathered that it's the US electoral votes that count not popular vote, for US Presidential Election. I cannot believe that lead in electoral vote for Trump can be changed by the nature of where the Clinton popular votes amass.

And CD hasn't mentioned this area outright in any prediction. I just don't see US government ever admitting fraud in rigging - it would do too much damage to U.S. global standing if it came out US cannot defend its voting system from fraud.

It seems a very bitter lesson how her lead does not result in her Presidential election. I'm from UK.I do believe in "1 person 1 vote" & who has majority (low turnouts of voters is dismaying but sadly a reality a lot of the time).
T. W. said…
I love you too HRH!
Anonymous said…
Hi 1:21! I mirror you in that I don't understand the ins and outs of British voting. Especially the times when a Prime Minister steps down because there isn't enough support. One thing I admire is the Parliament, where speakers go at it from across the room, getting encouragement or some really good put-downs. I watch it weekly on television.

If the US politicians battled it out by voice, face to face, our country would be better for it. We could see for ourselves the true personalities behind the smooth political ads on TV.

Electoral votes were put in place in the 1800s. The hidden history that most people don't know is that it was used to appease slave owning states in the South. With electoral votes overriding the popular vote, the South felt they retained a measure of control about who was elected. Every Presidential winning candidate of that time period had a slave-owning Vice President to reassure southern voters, even Abraham Lincoln.

Gerrymandering has been refined by the Republican Party. They will take a geographical area of voters and take it apart street by street, even house by house, to concentrate the Republican voters into a landslide voting district. They also conducted voting roll purges in each state, taking a half million democratic voters (or more) off the registration rolls wherever they were in power. I have the exact figures, and where. Stunning.

So you see why we are in this mess. In my voting district, not a single democrat ran, with a dozen county political positions up for grabs. I told my hubby that I'm going to pay the election fees and put our Chihuahuas up against these freeloaders. Will buy ads in the paper, do mailers. Who knows, they may win something!

Lolz, HRH
Anonymous said…
Hi HRH, really interesting, & insightful..... & depressing to read of gerrymandering. Many thanks for taking time to reply. LH

Anonymous said…
CD stalks poor Bidber. Pathetic homosexual you are CD
Anonymous said…
Hi LH! The good old days when there were rumors of people voting twice seem primitive now. Take care, HRH
Anonymous said…
No different than CD and his endless tireless effort to gain his favorite lesbian Justin b. attention.
Christian Dion said…
Apparently some one needs to buy at mirror... For your education as clearly you never went or listened at school. A Lesbian doesn't have a PENIS. So can't think why a Gay guy would date o. CD x
Common Sense said…
I wish I could tell her that booze and late nights will not help her on her quest for eternal youth. Sad, sad, sad! I hope she gets her shyte together!

Sorry, couldn't resist!
T. W. said…
Stay away from the Kabbalah Center!

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