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Oh Yes, please BABYFART.. UNDER OATH.. But he won't


T. W. said…
People will always wonder what he is hiding. Either way Trump loses. More to come.
Anonymous said…
So what he's saying is the tapes don't exist, if they did all he has to do is hand them over without making a big public announcement about testifying under oath. I suppose he thinks by doing that, this will all go away.

Now he has until the 23 June to cough up the tapes if they exist.

I can't understand how this guy has any supporters left, it just defies all logic.

CD, does your post mean that Mueller won't take Trump up on his offer to testify or he will but Trump spins out of it somehow?

Matilda x
Jessica said…
Is Katy Perry alright, Christian? She's been doing this Big Brother thing on Youtube and mentioned past issues with suicide ideation?
Unknown said…
Hey CD I know it's none of my concern but what are your thoughts on zionist? I think it's a religion. First time hearing the word. Gal Gadot who plays wonder woman which I thought the movie was great for women empowerment and special effects as well is zionist I believe she said her self. Google doesn't really help everyone has a different opinion so yeah any thoughts. I really liked her as wonder woman still do actually, seems like a fun girl. Funny too
kiminicki said…
what a shame somebody with so much money and power could do a lot of good
T. W. said…
Solar Vixen - the word Zionist originally referred to people who wanted an independent Jewish state (Israel). I think Jerusalem is sometimes called Zion. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, but the rest of the world doesn't recognize it as such, they claim it is Tel Aviv. If modern Israel were to have the borders mentioned in the Bible it would be larger than it is today. Today, the word Zionist is used as a slur that can mean a lot of things, so you are right to say it has lost meaning.

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