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As the rumor mill goes into overdrive...

As the gossip sites light up.
With the buzz that the latest Royal Engagement is about to be announced.
( I still see this as the biggest mistake in years for the “FIRM”).
It seems like it will go ahead.
Al the pundits, here seem to think that Actress Meghan Markle, can handle.
What will happen to her once this happens.
Well, she won’t.
She has no idea what the press wil do to her.
With the first wrong step
Hey will delight on taking her down.
After all to them, she will still be a Foreigner..
Something the Royals HATE..


Jzgie said…

He's really going to marry Meghan - the queen has accepted? I thought it was Eugenie
Jzgie said…

I did not understand CD, once married she will have a lot of problem. Why the Queen said yes. She has always refused for others. I do not understand since an actress to manage better in the firm
Jzgie said…
Sorry, I can not believe Harry is going to marry this woman. She is so eager for spotlight. She's wrong everyone sees it. I do not understand it works this guy. Bring back a divorced American actress who dreams of living in luxury. She likes the idea of ​​being a princess. I'm sorry I'm shocked. The English begin to say that if Harry marries this woman, they will vote a republic or a renunciation of the privileges. He therefore has no respect for the Queen. I do not know I'm lost. Whenever I see pictures I see that she is very in love with him but he .... I am disturbed by the news
kiminicki said…
Eugenie is a princess and is one of the daughters of prince Andrew the third son of the queen she is his youngest daughter.
Nothing can prepare anyone to be part of the royal household unless you are a princess born to it. Cant see it working myself long term Think the novelty will soon wear off for her
T. W. said…
Dear Prince Harry - Megan is not The One. If you marry her all of you will pay dearly.

Dear Megan Markle - I dreamt your future. They will treat you so bad you will wish you ended up like Lady Diana.
Jzgie said…
Meghan is not prepared just to see her interview in VF. I do not understand this time. Eugenie and Jack have been together for 7 years it is more logical to announce their marriage (if there is a marriage) The media will push Meghan to get her fault and then destroy her before a possible marriage. TW Meg & Harry have been together for 17 months, never seen with any members of the royal family
T. W. said…
Dear Friends,

Please watch the documentary An Open Secret and tell everyone you know to watch it You can watch it free on Vimeo at
Anonymous said…
I'm so disappointed in The Queen. She shouldn't have allowed that. I'm done supporting the royal family.
Letty said…
I don’t get a good feeling about this couple!! The energy between these two is off.

Disaster ahead!!!!
Genny said…

People are acting like it's the end of the world if her marries her, good heavens.

It's sad how people show their true colors towards interracial relationships,especially when it's a black woman and white european man.

I'm all for this marriage if it makes racist white woman seethe and cry at the fact that their crush would want to be with a black woman over their basic "pumpkin spice latte" ordering selves.
T. W. said…
Jeannine, thank you for pointing this out. This relationship is weird to begin with. THEY are pushing some kind of agenda. Us sheeple will be the last to know.

Gwen, I have heard the royals have black ancestors. I do not know if this is true.
jele6 said…
I'm surprised that they would allow them to marry. I always thought the royal family was a bit racist and wouldn't want anyone tainting their bloodline. Never understood the importance of the royal family. They're just a tourist attraction.
Melic21 said…
puhlease if they let camilla and chalres marry after the tampon incident i don't see this as a big deal. i do feel sorry for both of them but maybe they both deserve each other i don't know, i don't think harry is as nice as he portrays! TW thanks for the recommendation for the documentary, it looks disturbing but i will watch!
Chocmint33 said…
It's not the fact that she's biracial Genny - it's that she's a free spirited American woman and is culturally poles apart from the toffy family she's going to marry into.
English snobs just don't like brash, confident Americans. And she'll surely be stuck with stuffy, toffy courtiers once she's in that family.
Diana and Fergie called them the grey men because they made their lives hard. While they were from the upper classes, the courtiers didn't like Di and Fergie because they were free spirits.
That's right, free-spirited personalities just don't do well in the royal fold.
Kate can handle it as she has a self-disciplined Capricorn personality and was also weaned into the family over a number of years.
I just don't think free-spirited and creative Meghan will be able to handle it, not to mention the nasty Fleet Street press. They will try and quash her once she's in there.
I'm sure it's all lovely and sweet the prospect of marrying into royalty, by all those who are egging it on haven't thought about the cold hard realities once it happens.
Diana said in an interview that everyone was very nice to her when she was dating Charles, but once she married, their agendas changed.
Anyway, here is a link to an interesting tarot card reading about them.
CyndiTx123 said…
Chocmint33 I just watched the video predicting that they will not get married and that Harry still has an ex as a side piece. Poor Meghan- she should just enjoy the ride with hanging with royalty. It's a learning experience for her. Take it for what it is worth. Hopefully good memories and not bad ones. Pray that Harry doesn't go thru with it- if he still has a side piece- he just needs to enjoy dating Meghan and that's it - why make it official he is not truly in love with her like it seems she is with him and his title.
I am a big follower of the Royal family- ever since Diana got married to Charles and it was on American Tv. I had to get up super early to be able to witness their beautiful marriage. Don't understand the connection and why I did that at young age of 10. but just love her sons and Diana's gb's. Charlotte looks like her great-great grandma and of course her great grand ma Queen Elizabeth.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the explanation, Chocmint33. I can’t for the life of me pretend I like someone when in all truth, I don’t. But that’s just me. Everyone involved is keeping up appearances.
T. W. said…
Melic21, I forgot about the tampon. Ha! As for Prince Harry not being nice, you are telling the truth. I have seen pictures of him dressed as a Nazi all over the internet and print magazines. How quickly we forget.

Megan Markle: The royal family are German, not British, by blood. They support Nazis. Not just Prince Harry and allegedly Prince Phillip. There are photos and videos available. Do not walk away from them. RUN.
Unknown said…
To be royal you have to of had black blood, hence the term blue blood and the deception of history.
T. W. said…
Anyone else notice Megan's ring finger is longer than the index finger? Duchess Kate has the same feature. I thought only biological males have longer ring fingers. Hmm.....

Apple Monkey said…
I thought their body language during the photo shoot was questionable. Love Harry and wish hiim to be happy. I have reservations about Megan sadly.
Unknown said…
You are the only person who has waved the Race Card. Your spite-filled words say far more about you and your true racist colours than they do about their intended target of "white women".

Unknown said…
For the record, actress Markle has numerous identity issues:
"When the news of Harry and Markle’s engagement broke on Monday, black people were ecstatic to claim her as one of us. But, as others have noted, Markle doesn’t claim us. ... She only dates white men ... and she only socializes with white people ... There is no evidence to support the claims that Meghan Markle is one of us other than the fact that her mother, Doria Ragland, is black. As a loyal reader said in the comments on Monday, “Y’all love claiming the biracial folk who ain’t f**kin with y’all smdh.”"

You were saying? lol
Unknown said…
tigerlilly Sunshine:
If you're referring to blood of black-skinned people, your claim is a false Afrocentrist fairytale. ALL human blood is unequivocally red due to the iron in haemoglobin.
Veinous blood is much darker than arterial blood, and oxygenated (arterial) blood is 'redder' than deoxygenated (veinous) blood. The level of oxygen in human blood cells determines the brightness of the red colour. Blood pumped directly from the heart is oxygen rich and bright red. As it circulates within the body and oxygen is removed by tissue, the blood grows darker. For that reason, blood returning to the heart and lungs often has a dark red appearance. But it’s NEVER blue and certainly has nothing to do with having a black-skinned person in one's ancestry.

Some animals have blue blood; eg. horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus) because rather than iron-rich haemoglobin, the oxygen-binding molecule present is 'copper' based, giving the blood a bluish tinge.

In fact, there is no such thing as "black blood" because human skin colour is determined by specific melanin-producing genes, not the level of oxygen in blood.
Letty said…
I am a fan of Harry but I am disappointed that he selected this woman
To be his wife! Huge mistake!

Her energy is not good!!!
Letty said…
The comments are NOT about race! I don’t care if she is blue or
Purple. She is not a good match and It will be Harry’s
Biggest mistake!!!

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